Engaging U

by Tom Moran

dulé Hill, who played Charlie Young on TV’s “The West Wing,” said he asked himself why he was flying from California to Minneapolis in minus 15 degree weather.

Surrounded by a crowd of students in Coffman Union’s fireside lounge, Hill said he’s been inspired by Sen. Barack Obama’s message of change.

“It’s a very crucial time in our history right now,” he said. “It’s time for everyone to come together.”

He said he believes the country is going in the wrong direction and although both Democratic candidates have a good message, Obama’s leadership abilities and compassion set him apart from Sen. Hillary Clinton and the Republican candidates.

Despite his advocacy for Obama, Hill said he came to campus to first encourage students to caucus on Tuesday and to support Obama as a secondary goal.

Hashim Adam, a biomedical engineering sophomore, said he can’t vote because he isn’t a U.S. citizen but came to hear Hill’s message.

“Everyone in the world is watching the election,” he said. “Citizens of the United States need to go vote.”