Live Green Games cup stolen from Pioneer Hall

by Hailey Colwell

University of Minnesota Housing and Residential Life is offering a $25 University Bookstore gift card for information that may help recover the stolen Live Green Games Cup.

The cup, used to denote the most sustainable residence hall each month, was stolen from Pioneer Hall’s information desk in December.

Housing and Residential Life reported the incident in an email to on-campus residents Wednesday.

“It wasn’t like we were looking for everyone on campus to search under every rock,” said Chris Kelleher, spokesman for Housing and Residential Life. “It’s really just if someone who’s a resident saw something and might be able to direct us to where it is.”

Kelleher said Housing and Residential Life hopes to avoid spending money on a new trophy, which is valued at more than $100. 

“Let’s see if we can get it back before we jump in and throw some money at it again,” he said.

Launched in September, the Live Green Games are an effort to educate students living in the dorms about sustainability. Each month, students earn points for completing conservation challenges. At the end of the month, the residence hall with the most points is allowed to display the Live Green Games cup in its lobby.

Kelleher said he hopes the campus-wide search for the cup will help teach students to conserve rather than buy new products.

“We’re trying to impart sustainability,” he said, “So rather than running out and getting another trophy, let’s see if we can recover the one that we created for this purpose.”

In December, students were challenged to fill out a checklist of sustainable preparations to make before leaving campus for winter break. The preparations included unplugging electronics, defrosting refrigerators and donating unwanted clothing.

The winner of the December challenge was Territorial Hall, according to the Live Green Games website. The cup was stolen from the lobby of the November challenge winner, Pioneer Hall. The November challenge asked students to evaluate how much electricity they use in their day-to-day lives.

Territorial Hall was presented with a large picture of the cup Monday to commemorate its December win, Kelleher said.

“We’d like to be able to present the actual trophy,” he said.

The email requests that students send any information they have on the cup’s whereabouts to Housing and Residential Life.