Hello again, Astoria

by Callie Sacarelos

The original members of punk rock band The Ataris are regrouping for a month-long, nationwide reunion tour in March. The group disbanded in 2004, but their platinum selling record, "So Long, Astoria," lives on in angsty punk rock history.

Kristopher Roe, Mike Davenport, Chris Knapp and John Collura will share the stage for one tour only and play their most popular album in its entirety, from start to finish. They stop in Minneapolis at Mill City Nights on March 20. Tickets are on sale now.

“This tour, for me, means more of redemption,” bassist Davenport said in a press release. “Us four reunited again, performing what I think is one of our best albums.”

The band recently released a video documenting their reunion and the making of their iconic album.