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Actress Rachel Grubb rehearses a scene from The Tiki War before filming at the Red Dragon in Minneapolis early Sunday morning. The Tiki War is director John Ervins fifth film production.

A ‘bloodbath’ in Uptown

Published February 27, 2014

On the first night of shooting his fifth feature film, John Ervin and his entire cast and crew walked out to the Red Dragon parking lot after nine hours of work to find that all of their cars had been...

Prep Chef Aaron Colgrove prepares chicken at Coup DEtat on Tuesday.

BOHs and FOHs

Published February 27, 2014

The Prairie Tap House stood empty, clean and calm last Saturday morning after a busy Friday night. At about 9 a.m., a few servers began to trickle in to set up for service. They stocked the tables with...

An adult entertainer dances onstage Tuesday night at The Seville, a club and cabaret in downtown Minneapolis.

The cost of college, exposed

Published February 20, 2014

Krista has been entertaining at The Seville, an adult entertainment club, for almost four years. In May, she will graduate from Concordia University, a four-year private school with a $20,000 annual sticker...

Local poet and activist Chaun Webster stands outside of his future bookstore in north Minneapolis on Tuesday. Webster and his wife are opening the only bookstore in the neighborhood, and it will only sell work by authors of color.

The space between home and work

Published February 20, 2014

Local author Chaun Webster and his wife Verna Wong dreamt for years of opening a bookstore. But instead of offering popular children’s books or anything from the New York Times’ bestseller...

Architecture, design and everyday life

Published February 13, 2014

It’s no joke when an architect and a filmmaker walk into a bar. This year’s theme for Architecture Minnesota magazine’s Videotect 4 challenges filmmakers to show in 30 to 90 seconds how...

Picture Perfect: Picking the best photo for your online dating profile

Published February 13, 2014

If you’re one of those people who places any kind of value or significance on the Hallmark holiday and will feel #foreveralone if you spend it without a boo by your side, fret not. There are plenty...

Reality still bites, 20 years later

Published February 13, 2014

I've been on a Winona Ryder kick recently, which started when I randomly watched "Heathers" last week with a friend and a glass of wine. This week, I knew that watching "Reality Bites”...

Rennie Harris Puremovement company members will perform at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts as part of Target World Music and Dance Series.

Breaking out of the box

Published February 6, 2014

Hip-hop is a freeform artistic expression — the dance element grew from kids in the South Bronx socializing over a boom box and a scrap of cardboard in New York City. When this free, typically un-choreographed...

Chef Erik Anderson lightly sprinkles a plant-derived binding agent called transglutaminase over a cutlet of pidgeon.  Anderson skillfully blends 21st century cooking methods with old-school tastes to create award-winning dishes.

“Best New Chef” returns to Minneapolis

Published February 4, 2014

Minneapolis transplant Erik Anderson worked through the gamut of back-of-house restaurant jobs. From humble beginnings as dishwasher in his mom’s small Village Restaurant in northern Chicagoland,...

Jenna Neher, right, practices her Middle Eastern dancing skills at a belly dancing class taught by Cassandra Shore at the Jawaahir studio on Tuesday night.

Something Tribal comes this way, again

Published January 30, 2014

The differences between the various types of belly dancing are as nuanced as the dance moves themselves. For some, the words “belly dance” conjure up the image of a woman with a jangly scarf...

The dogs trek through thick snow to get to the main trail Monday evening in Chisago, Minn.

A race to carve up the city

Published January 30, 2014

Joseph Fessler stepped outside without giving the minus 10-degree weather another thought. He crunched through the snow toward the homemade dog kennels in his backyard, and as he drew closer to the gate,...

Queen of the Snows Melissa Hoffbeck shows a girl how to walk down the runway before the Queen of the Snows Crowns and Gowns Fashion Show at Jimmys Event Center on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014. The St. Paul Winter Carnival begins this week, and the new Royal Family will be crowned Friday.

On being royal

Published January 23, 2014

Every year at the St. Paul Winter Carnival, a new Royal Family is crowned and oversees the 10-day celebration. But their reign doesn’t end after the big showdown at the close of the carnival, when...

Shanty artist Richard Parnell paints a cable to increase its visibility Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014, in White Bear Lake. The Art Shanty Projects, which began in 2006, moved from Medicine Lake this year.

Come winter, a wonderland offshore

Published January 23, 2014

Minnesotans have learned that the only way to survive the winter year after to year is to embrace the cold and make the most of the snow and ice. That would explain the record-breaking 20,000 people who...

Hello again, Astoria

Published January 23, 2014

The original members of punk rock band The Ataris are regrouping for a month-long, nationwide reunion tour in March. The group disbanded in 2004, but their platinum selling record, "So Long, Astoria,"...

Bagels and big bucks

Published January 16, 2014

Calling all starving artists and starving college students: Bruegger's Bagels will award a $10,000 cash prize to the winner of their Artist Challenge, which is open now and ends March 31. The art must...

Betsy Hodges performed alongside John McClane

Published December 11, 2013

Newly elected Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges guest starred as Santa Claus in a local theater production at Bryant-Lake Bowl Friday. Josh Carson, who wrote and stars in "A Very Die Hard Christmas,"...

Best Minneapolis restaurant dishes of 2013

Published December 11, 2013

Foodies of Minneapolis rejoiced during the last year as trendy new restaurants popped up all over town. With a slew of up-and-coming chefs taking the driver’s seat and some of the most innovative...

Culture Compass: Dreaming of winter break

Published December 11, 2013

Friday Much like today, 70 years ago American troops were overseas and weren’t able to spend the holidays with their families. Thankfully, charitable groups like the United Service Organization brought...

The secret lives of Santas

Published December 10, 2013

There’s a classic scene from 1983’s “A Christmas Story” that depicts a nightmare visit to Santa Claus at the mall. Ralphie Parker waits in line with delighted anticipation for his...

The founding band members of Steep Canyon Rangers were friends during their college days before starting a band. Nicky Sanders (second from right) joined the band with his fiddle in 2004 and they recently brought on a longtime friend, Michael Ashworth (not pictured), as a permanent member to play percussion.

Organic sound in a digital age

Published December 5, 2013

Steep Canyon Rangers won the 2013 Grammy for best bluegrass album with their fifth record, “Nobody Knows You.” Though the band was relatively unheard of when they began playing together about...

Variations on a theme: Creating new holiday traditions

Published December 3, 2013

Watching winter holiday specials, like “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” on TV or making the annual outing to the Guthrie Theater to see “A Christmas Carol” are time-honored traditions. But...

Michelle OConnell works on her bikes on Monday night at Spokes in Minneapolis. Open shop nights are a part of Grease Rag, a group that meets to encourage women, transexual and femme cyclists in the Twin Cities.

WTF DIY: Grease Rag Ride and Wrench

Published November 27, 2013

The bicycling community in the U.S. is dominated by men. According to a 2013 National Bicycle Dealers Association study, 89 percent of cycle shop owners are men. This can make female bikers feel intimidated...

University foundry professor Wayne Potratz sorts scrap metal at the Regis Center on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 to prepare for the 27th annual Minnesota Turkey Iron Pour on Nov. 26. This will be Potratz final iron pour before retiring from the University.

Campus foundry loses its overseer

Published November 26, 2013

Memorabilia from a 44-year career at the University of Minnesota plaster the walls of Wayne Potratz’s office. The foundry, just outside the sculpture professor’s office door, is arguably one...

Misrael Becerril and Eric Halverson prepare food at the Rabbit Hole on Tuesday afternoon before the restaurant opens for dinner. The Rabbit Hole, featuring Korean street food, just opened in the Midtown Global Market after reaching its goal on Kickstarter.

Duck tales at the Rabbit Hole

Published November 21, 2013

Street food stalls on almost every corner in Korea serve a simple yet satisfying dish called ddukbokki (duck-boh-key). It’s a hot food meant to be paired with alcohol, especially on a night out with...

Brianna Sheehan suspends Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 in Minneapolis. After a previous attempt, she got up on her second time with the help of friend Nate Janke.

Suspension without suspense

Published November 18, 2013

Nate Janke hoisted himself off the ground in his downtown Minneapolis apartment with an orange rope attached to a theater rig. One end of the rope ran through holes in the contraption. The other weaved...

Past Present Future owner Steve Mogol polishes the arm of an old office chair Tuesday at his shop in Minneapolis.

“Pardon the mess”

Published November 14, 2013

The 85-year-old tan brick building just off East Franklin Avenue and Highway 35W looks virtually abandoned. Perhaps you’ve seen it from across the street at The Electric Fetus or while riding the...

Michael MJ Johnson, founder of the Minneapolis Beard and Mustache Club, and Chris Sorensen, Media Coordinator for the MBMC, at Dangerous Man Brewing Company in Northeast on Wednesday.

To beard or not to beard

Published November 14, 2013

Michael “MJ” Johnson’s imperial partial beard protrudes from his face like two dark-brown, upside-down walrus tusks. The thick, coarse hair starts at his jowls and connects to his mustache...

Ira Glass is taking radio in a different direction by adding dancers to his new stage show.

The convergence is coming

Published November 7, 2013

Everyone’s a critic. Directors, musicians, politicians, and chefs all get a good thrashing in both professional reviews and candid conversation among friends. But what happens when the subject of...

Sex: Like a fine wine?

Published November 7, 2013

In an interview with Matt Lauer last month, Miley Cyrus jokingly said that people over 40 “don’t really have sex anymore.” When Lauer told her he was 55, she replied, “Oh, well...

Psychic Christine Athena reads a clients tarot cards on Wednesday evening at Magus Books & Herbs.

Discovery by divination

Published October 31, 2013

For a brief period every fall, witches, wizards and the supernatural come out to play with the mainstream. It’s a great time to explore some of the practices and lifestyles that are a reality for...

Beats Antique have the charm of an offbeat antique store with unbelievable wares.

Beats Antique to play Mill City Nights

Published October 31, 2013

Beats Antique has cultivated a style of performance that looks like a Baz Luhrmann scrapbook.   The California-based tribal fusion band embodies the oddly effective clash between all things Bohemian,...

Photo courtesy of Those Darlins.

To hell and back with Jessi Zazu

Published October 24, 2013

Jessi Zazu is best known for singing and playing guitar in Those Darlins, a garage rock band from Nashville, Tenn. But lately she’s been drumming up attention for a different venture. In August,...

Fiona Nolan waits for customers to scare outside of The Butcher Shop: House of Gore in St. Paul on Saturday.

The man behind the masks

Published October 24, 2013

Mike Etoll’s fascination with horror and gore began with a traumatizing experience when he was about 5 years old. His uncle put him onto a haunted house ride by himself. He had no idea what it was...

Beginner’s Broadway Playlist

Published October 23, 2013

I'm always amazed when I meet people who have never seen a Broadway musical or can't hum along to popular show tunes. I was lucky enough to grow up seeing these shows at the big theaters on Hennepin...

Lindsey Siebenaler serves samples in front of the Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill Food That Rocks food truck at the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis on Saturday.

Bites, beers and bands

Published October 17, 2013

After a long, busy week, I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful autumn day than by nomming on some scrumptious street food, sipping locally crafted brews and listening to live music outside. The...

Kickstart your art collection

Published October 17, 2013

Bad artwork is inherent in college dorm rooms. Whether it’s an Ikea print of the Eiffel Tower or that “Big Lebowski” movie poster you bought at the sale on  West Bank, it’s...

Minneapolis live lit welcomes a newbie

Published October 10, 2013

Even if you’re the most boring person on earth, you have a story to tell. In fact, being the most boring person on earth has the makings of a great story. That’s why Mimi Nguyen started Story...

The choice to get naked

Published October 10, 2013

  A few patrons huddled under the awning at St. Paul’s oldest LGBT bar, sucking in smoke from their cigarettes and talking as rain poured down around them late Friday night. The heavy beat of...

What’s in a (stage) name?

Published October 9, 2013

Stage names say a lot about a character or act. The show announcer introduces the act before the audience sees anything. A stage name on a poster or flyer might be the first time someone hears about a...

Something for everyone Underground

Published October 3, 2013

The director of the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival is expecting attendance to double this year. But bigger crowds and increased publicity won’t bring the festival into the mainstream. “It’s...

Lipica Shah, right, playing Shiv, and Andrew Guilarte, left, playing her father, rehearse at the Mixed Blood Theatre on Tuesday afternoon. Shiv is one part of the trilogy of plays, Displaced Hindu Gods, based on the idea of displacing three Hindu deities into the contemporary Western world.

At Mixed Blood, identity in three parts

Published October 3, 2013

Playwright Aditi Brennan Kapil has so much to say about her Indian heritage that she can’t fit it into just one play. So she wrote three. “Originally I tried to write one play, because why...

Store owner Syed Mia assists customer David Hutton on Friday at the Computer Mega Mall in the University Technology Enterprise Center. A large-scale apartment complex could replace the Dinkytown building.

Apartments could replace Dinkytown’s UTEC building

Published July 18, 2012

Apartments could replace the UTEC building — and its many small businesses — in Dinkytown by 2014. The University Technology Enterprise Center currently houses 95 businesses and nonprofit organizations...

Cook Nickolas Kimble, left, and barista Arik Xist work a shift Friday at Hard Times Cafe in Minneapolis. The cafe has been operating as a collective for 20 years.

Hard Times to close its doors for remodel

Published July 11, 2012

Customers at Hard Times Cafe will have to find an alternative hangout beginning August 1. The 18 current owners of the longtime West Bank cafe have decided to temporarily close in order to install new...

Owner Beko Tufa works in the kitchen of her newly opened restaurant, Dillas, on Saturday.

Ethiopian eatery opens near campus

Published July 3, 2012

A new Ethiopian restaurant recently opened near the University of Minnesota’s West Bank. Dilla’s Ethiopian Restaurant opened June 18 in the former Baldy’s BBQ building between Hard Times...

Angella Hanson and her son Douglas sip tea and nibble pastries on Thursday at Lady Elegants Tea Room & Gift Shoppe in Milton Sq. Hanson brought her son to the tea room to celebrate his ninth birthday.

Milton Square: an ‘unfound treasure’ in St. Paul

Published July 3, 2012

Milton Square in St. Anthony Park is more than a century old, but the area’s residents have made it a well-kept secret over the years. Serving as a cornerstone of the St. Anthony neighborhood, Milton...

Keith Mercil (cq/source) works the front of the shop at Mercils Campus Auto Repair on Thursday in Stadium Village. Keith Mercil, former owner and now retired, still comes into the shop to help his son Darrin do odd jobs

Student apartments to displace Mercil’s in Stadium Village

Published June 22, 2012

  Construction of a new student housing project in Stadium Village is scheduled to begin in late August. Opus Development Corporation has signed purchase agreements to take over the Mercil’s...

Ahmed Mohamed, owner of the newly opened U of M Market, rings up a customer in his store Friday. Mohamed is a native of Eritrea and is a new father of three.

Convenience store opens on Washington Avenue

Published June 20, 2012

Ahmed Mohamed has been a University of Minnesota custodian for 11 years. He has a wife, three kids and now two stores in the Twin Cities. In mid-June, Mohamed opened U of M Market, a convenience store...

Macy Wendt, a friend of Smokedale’s owner, cleans the glass windows of the shop Tuesday. The new Stadium Village tobacco shop is planned to open in the beginning of July.

Delayed smoke shop ready to open in Stadium Village

Published June 20, 2012

The sign went up more than a month ago, but Smokedale Tobacco in Stadium Village likely will not open until the end of June or later. Owner Hatem Younis said construction problems delayed the smoke shop...

Andrew Lane educates a customer on some of the many exotic herb products Wednesday at Magus Books and Herbs.

The mystery of Dinkytown’s Magus Books and Herbs

Published June 13, 2012

On a busy summer afternoon in Dinkytown, people rush past the small purple storefront tucked between a post office and a head shop, oblivious to the magic within. Magus Books and Herbs will be celebrating...

E. Coli Causes Lake Harriet Southeast Beach Closure

Published June 13, 2012

Recent test results showed high levels of E. coli bacteria in Lake Harriet on Tuesday. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board temporarily shut down the lake’s Southeast Beach, the Star Tribune...

Nancy Brantingham shops Tuesday at Pacific and Maine in Dinkytown.

Closure leaves fewer apparel stores

Published June 6, 2012

  Another business will be added to the list of retail clothing stores that couldn’t survive near the University of Minnesota campus. Pacific and Maine, a custom apparel and fashion clothing...

Quiznos shop is latest in streak of Stadium Village closures

Published June 6, 2012

  The Quiznos in Stadium Village closed its doors last week, adding to a trend in the area over the past year that business owners attribute in part to light-rail construction. Additionally, the closed...

Vikings fans pack TCF Bank Stadium for their game against the Chicago Bears on Dec. 20 2010.  The Vikings will likely play ay least one season at TCF while the new stadium is built on the Metrodome site.

Businesses expect profit boost from Vikings

Published May 30, 2012

In December 2010, the roof of the Metrodome collapsed, forcing the Minnesota Vikings to play in TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota. Now, with the construction of a new Vikings’ stadium,...

Construction workers continue work on the Central Corridor light rail line late into the night at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Ontario Street South East.

Overnight light-rail construction to end

Published May 25, 2012

Overnight light-rail construction in Stadium Village has raised complaints from some residents, but is scheduled to end this weekend. A late-night permit for construction on Washington Avenue between Oak...

Pakistan gives bin Laden doctor 33 years

Published May 23, 2012

A Pakistani court sentenced Wednesday the doctor accused of helping the United States catch Osama bin Laden to 33 years in jail, a Pakistani official said. Shakeel Afridi was sentenced under...