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The Fashionista is in: winter style

Cold world, hot style.

Your yoga instructor may be capable of transpor t­ing you to your coastal, Mediterranean âÄúhappy placeâÄù for a pose or two, but the harsh reality remains: Minnesota has brutal winters. And after that fact, the even harsher reality remains: Outerwear complicates fashion considerably.

The bulk of your boxy parka prevents campus from seeing the adorable tailored silk blouse you just bought (sacré bleu). The snow boots prevent you from rocking those sexy new wedges. ItâÄôs a tragedy really, an unfair asphyxiation of personal expression. But, the exemplar y style soldiers that we are, we endure. And thank­fully, there are plenty of ways to stay fashion-forward amid the impending freeze.

Quick thoughts on jackets

IâÄôm sure many of us are guilty of desperately prolonging the usage of the cute coat over the warm, more generic-looking coat (translation: Northface, Pa­tagonia). But we need to stay warm and the pipe dreams of a glamorous, knee-length rabbit fur coat probably wonâÄôt become a reality any time soon. So in the name of style, the best options are either to find a wool coat (generally of fered in trendier cuts) with a thick liner or focus more attention on other styling aspects.


This is one of my favorite as­pects of winter style this season because the trends are so classi­cally ladylike. If youâÄôre a mitten person, go the route of soft, black faux fur or lined suede âÄî the puffier the better. YouâÄôll feel like a princess. If gloves are your thing, look for a pair of leather driving gloves. TheyâÄôre both dainty and dangerous, adding a noticeable edge to your winter look. In a world of boundless funds, Philip Lim makes some thatâÄôd you (and Rachel Zoe) would die for. The good news is there are copycats at Target and Urban Outfitters.


IâÄôm going to spare everyone the tiresome anti-Uggs rant. They are quality boots, and they do, in fact, ef fectively keep your pre­cious toes from frostbite. All IâÄôll say is that if youâÄôre in the market to buy a new pair, do a Google or fashion-blog search. There are plenty of other options o f wa r m, lined boots. Fashionista endorsement: Scandinavian designer Ilse JacobsenâÄôs Frost boot.


Yep, earmuffs are back on the racks, but I advise: Stay away from the obnoxious, neon shades at American Apparel. ThatâÄôs a quick route to looking like youâÄôre back in kindergarten. The warm­er and more subtle the shade, the more stylish the earmuff âÄî espe­cially brassy, fox-fur tones. Also: the bigger, the better.

Infinity Scarves

If youâÄôre unfamiliar with the industr y term, infinity scar ves are essentially a loop of drapey fabric that can either circle your neck or be worn as a hooded scarf combination. You may rec­ognize their frequency in Fendi ads. The concept is simple, but it transfers into a very sophisticat­ed chic (and warm) look.

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