Dinkydome development back on the table

Project to come before Minneapolis City Council this week.

by Anna Ewart

After getting derailed by the City’s Planning Commission, plans to redevelop the area around the Dinkydome are back on track.

The Minneapolis Zoning and Planning Committee approved Doran Development’s appeal. The company offered a revised plan for the project, which would include a 13-story apartment complex and renovations to the Dinkydome itself.

The revisions include larger setbacks, or distances between the building and other objects, such as property lines.

An addition would be a housing complex, but would also have space for retail on the bottom floor.

The Dinkydome would not be converted to housing under the plan, but $4 million would be spent on renovations that could include fixing the building’s roof and making it handicapped-accessible.

The $60 million project will come before the full City Council on Friday.

Last month, the planning commission rejected Doran’s request to rezone and grant variances for the project because it would be too large and dense for the area, conflicting with Dinkytown’s character.