Street style: NCAA weekend

But where were all the Jordans?

Amanda Sachs, Jordan Anthony, Tajiah Lavine and Trey Ard pose for photos on the Nicollet Mall on Saturday, April 6 during the Final Four tournament in Minneapolis.

Tony Saunders

Amanda Sachs, Jordan Anthony, Tajiah Lavine and Trey Ard pose for photos on the Nicollet Mall on Saturday, April 6 during the Final Four tournament in Minneapolis.

by Samir Ferdowsi

Minneapolis was a hub of culture on Saturday. 

From the Fan Fest to the Final Four to (yes, we have to say it) the Jonas Brothers concert, the 612 had the opportunity to show out and bring their best ‘fits.

The sad reality is it didn’t.

Clones sporting denim and bland leather jackets ran rampant through the streets, which left us disappointed.

All hope was not lost, though, as A&E found four individuals who indeed decided to seize the moment and drip too hard.

Here are the best styles from the NCAA Final Four weekend.

Tajiah LaVine

Bold colors and subtle swag: a combo that is hard to mesh and even harder to pull off. Somehow, this fest-goer did both.

Sporting a vintage Tommy crewneck, LaVine brought a confident vibe straight outta the ‘90s.

From there, her Balenciaga Speeds and Fashion Nova pants shot the outfit’s era up to modern day. While these kicks are usually paired with an athleisure getup, they worked surprisingly well with LaVine’s cozy vintage attire.

“I like being comfortable but also showing off a bit,” LaVine said. “I just like to try new things out.” 

Jordan Anthony

We continue the trip down ’90s memory lane with our next featured fashion.

At the festivities to film for his YouTube channel, Jordan Anthony decided to keep his look low-key yet fire.

Anthony’s beat-up Pumas paired well with his distressed dad jeans. From there, his weathered rugby-esque top (which was proudly bought at Saver’s, he said) brought the mall arcade aesthetic to fruition. 

He didn’t forget to add some drip, though. With a new link timepiece, a chain that reflected the Ferris wheel lights, hoop earrings and a Steve Madden pack, Anthony still flexed on the crowd.

“I love taking inspiration from the ‘90s,” Anthony said. “[Matching it] with some of these other things just brings it to a new level.”

Trey Ard

Of course, a Minneapolis-hosted event wouldn’t be complete without some hometown swag.

Luckily, Trey Ard came through. With the sole goal of representing the city, Ard kept his outfit simple and dedicated. 

His all-white Nike foams were a refreshing switch-up from all of the boots and generic Nike runners bustling by. Muted pants were also a well-thought-out decision; they drew attention to the main event.

A vintage Twins jersey coupled with a GUESS windbreaker? That is swag. The colors, the ‘fit and the vibe all combined for a look that not only repped the hometown but also showed the out-of-towners that you don’t need a Duke jersey to pop.

“We’re in Minneapolis,” Ard said. “You gotta show the hometown some love.”

Amanda Sachs 

Though the Twin Cities was hosting the events, some brought sauce from other cities, too.

Amanda Sachs decided to bring the West Coast with her by sporting a vintage LA beanie. The grunge look was perfected with a pair of absolute heat Doc Martens.

Sachs said the ten-year-old Docs are her favorite pair of shoes. She wears them everywhere she can.

Because the streets were finally clear of snow and ice, the tourney was blessed with the shoes’ first outing of the season.

“I love these shoes,” Sachs said. “I feel like they really show off who I am as a person.”