Yudof meets with minority press

by Jim Martyka

In his last scheduled visit to campus before moving to Minnesota on June 3, University President-elect Mark Yudof once again met with administrators and various faculty and student groups. But he also took time to listen to the concerns of some non-University organizations.
One of these groups, the Minority Media Coalition, addressed several key minority issues in their meeting with Yudof on Friday as well as strategies on how to work together to achieve the school’s commitment to increased diversity.
Extensive communication, meetings and more collaborative work is needed between University administration and local minority newspapers to help achieve these goals, said members of the coalition at a meeting at Morrill Hall.
“I think it is very positive that there are media to represent a variety of communities,” said Yudof. He added that he thinks the relationship between the newspapers and administrators is already good, but still has room for improvement.
Representatives from local media, such as La Prensa de Minnesota and the Asian American Press, used most of their time with Yudof to get acquainted with him.
“It’s such a big place that it’s always good to meet the people that are here,” said Cheryl Weiberg, editor-in-chief of the Asian Pages.
Flanked by his recently appointed Chief of Staff Tonya Moten Brown, Yudof and the representatives discussed minority recruitment, affirmative action’s role in admissions policies and the purpose of General College at the school.
“I think it’s good to talk about issues of concern to the media and the communities they serve,” Yudof said.
Yudof also met with several other groups during his visit.
On Wednesday, Yudof attended a reception of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.
On Thursday, he met with representatives from various St. Paul student groups to informally discuss student concerns.
Though the meetings were organized to get students acquainted with Yudof, students said they were pleased to see that Yudof appeared sincere when he answered their questions.
Administrators and newspaper officials agreed. Asian Pages Sales Director, Joe Weiberg, said he feels it’s good that Yudof is taking the time to meet with so many different groups.
Yudof also discussed human resource questions with members of the University’s Civil Service Committee, and employee relations with members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees on Thursday.
During the visit, Yudof also met with several administrators and various faculty groups.
Yudof assumes the presidency from Nils Hasselmo on July 1.