Institute on the Environment funds environmental student groups

The Institute on the Environment recently gave $20,000 to environmental student groups on all University campuses.

Twelve student groups received funding for projects and events that promote environmental sustainability on their campuses. The projects ranged from an organic garden to a poetry slam.

Todd Reubold, program director for the Institute on the Environment, said he was impressed with the number of proposals the institute received.

“By putting up this funding for these student groups, we thought it was a great way to engage many of the student-led environmental groups across all the campuses,” he said.

While not every proposal was accepted – four didn’t receive funding – Reubold said the institute hopes to continue funding for student groups in the future.

Student groups that received funding include Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, EcoWatch, Compassionate Action for Animals and Engineers Without Borders.

Gil Schwartz, campaign coordinator for Compassionate Action for Animals, said he thought the group’s event, “From Farm to Fork,” was funded because the institute felt it was an important addition to environmental discourse.

Bridget Ulrich, MPIRG officer, said the funding is a great opportunity for the University to engage students working on a common initiative.

However, Ulrich said while the funding was extremely helpful, time is needed more than money.