Last minute valentine’s day guide for the ladies

Whether you’re single or taken, here are ways to keep your Feb. 14 glam and girly.

by Kara Nesvig

Hey ladies, itâÄôs almost ValentineâÄôs Day and youâÄôre screwed. YouâÄôve made zero plans with your significant other (if you have one) or with your trusty band of girlfriends (or your gays), and now what do you do? Since V-Day is relatively frivolous and not celebrating it just makes you look like youâÄôve been sucking on bitter lemons, youâÄôve got to get out there and do something in celebration of this candy-coated holiday. Luckily, we here at A&E like to do things last-minute too, so weâÄôve got your back. HereâÄôs a few ideas that will keep you out of the doghouse âĦ or out of that pint of ice cream (a stereotype, yes, but weâÄôve been Bridget Jones before). If youâÄôre a single girl We know that most dudes donâÄôt care about ValentineâÄôs Day at all, but chicks, admittedly, dig it. ItâÄôs probably all that pink-based marketing. Plus, ValentineâÄôs Day is fun. Unlimited, unabashed amounts of candy, lingerie and champagne? Sign us up. Since A&E is comprised of two single ladies, weâÄôre celebrating the holiday the right way: with our girlfriends/gay friends âĦ and burgers. ThereâÄôs no way youâÄôll get a reservation anywhere at this point in time, so make your own dinner. If massive, greasy, dripping cheeseburgers arenâÄôt your thing, weâÄôve also done strawberries, chocolate and champagne. And itâÄôs cliché, but we happen to adore âÄúSex and the CityâÄù and have found it bodes well for a drinking game, which you can concoct on the spot with your own foursome. Take a drink (or a shot) every time Carrie writes âÄúI couldnâÄôt help but wonder âĦâÄù or makes a lame pun, and take two drinks every time Charlotte enthuses about romance. Trust us, three episodes in and youâÄôre wasted. And donâÄôt be afraid to drink all the champagne you want. Treat yourself! If youâÄôre a âÄútakenâÄù girl Lame-ass boyfriend sprung a dinner date on you last minute and you donâÄôt know what to wear? We outlined the never-fail outfit in our V-Day guide a few weeks ago, but here it is again: pencil skirt, something ruffly and/or silky, dangling earrings and high heels. But what about the rest of your look? You simply cannot celebrate ValentineâÄôs Day with your regular hairdo! Bethany Brihn, stylist âÄúninjaâÄù at Miyagi salon (411 Hennepin Ave. E.), came through with easy-to-do, uber-sophisticated and lovely styles you can do yourself, no ninjas required. Romantic loose waves 1. Divide hair into sections: the larger the section, the looser the wave. 2. Spray each section completely w/ a light hold hairspray or volumizing mist. 3. Wrap sections of hair around the outside of your curling iron. (The larger the barrel size, the looser the wave.) 4. Run your fingers through the waves and spray with hairspray. (At Miyagi, they like AvedaâÄôs Air Control. It smells spicy and citrusy.) Bohemian braids 1. Braid a three-strand braid into your hair. Try it at the front, off to the side or down the back. Keep it simple. 2. Backcomb or tease the hair with a comb lightly to create texture. More teasing = more texture. 3. Backcomb the end of the braid tightly and use a bobby-pin to secure. Spray with a medium-hold hairspray to finish. Quick tweaks -Try switching your part, or wear your hair up if you always wear it down, and vice versa. -Second day hair works best for styling. BethanyâÄôs also a working makeup artist, so we asked for some easy glam-up fast ideas for fixing our faces. HereâÄôs what she recommends. For full, kissable lips -Use a lip liner matching your natural lip color to line and fill in your whole lip. Apply your favorite lip color, then dab gloss at the center of your bottom lip. The liner will keep your lipstick lasting longer and gloss creates an illusion of fullness. -Any one can pull off a hot red lip. ItâÄôs just a matter of finding the right shade. ValentineâÄôs Day is the perfect time to try it out. (We recommend visiting the MAC counter for a little tutelage.) For easy and sexy smoky eyes -Line your eyes with an eyeliner pencil. (Test drives have proven that Rimmel makes a great kohl eyeliner for only about $4.) Smudge the line upwards using an eyeliner brush or a Q-tip. Follow with several coats of eyeliner for boldness.