La Perla: Beauty underneath the garments

by Micaela Resh

Luxury lingerie label unveils new collection.

Photos courtesy of Rizzoli.

At Couture Fashion Week in New York City, luxury label La Perla launched its new collection.

The brand chose Old Bond Street in London as the location for its new global flagship shop, opening on Feb. 20.

"London is perfect for us, it is where our Italian heritage and a global view on what luxury is come together,” global marketing director Nick Tacchi said to Vogue.

“La Perla garments have always been designed for, and interpreted by, very different women in their own unique ways and where else can you find such multi-faceted femininity?” Tacchi said.

La Perla has thrived for decades, producing exquisite and desirable undergarments time and time again.

Unheard of from most other fashion labels, La Perla allows their models to pick the pieces they will wear.

"Choosing the right models who  express femininity and elegance in their most varied forms is our most important aim and selecting the garments is key to ensure that every model feels at ease and in harmony with the pieces worn during the photoshoot," Tacchi said to Vogue.

"In many cases, we asked the models to choose which garments they wanted to wear for our campaigns. For us, La Perla is elegance, sensuality and femininity, and these characteristics are even more credible when expressed naturally and harmoniously," Tacchi said.