Fashion, ride on

Designers head west for MN Fashion week

Local designer Raul Osorio displays one of his pieces Tuesday at his apartment studio in Uptown.

Local designer Raul Osorio displays one of his pieces Tuesday at his apartment studio in Uptown.

by Sally Hedberg


For Osorio and Everine, whose brainchild started blossoming shortly after MN Fashion’s Voltage 2010, Pale Rider represents so much more than mere fabrics draped over freakishly good-looking people.

 “We have incredibly strong concepts,” Everine said. “I feel like a lot of designers don’t understand that or are hitting a market that’s not as adventurous.”

The title of the show alludes to, among other things, the type of person who embodies their clothing perfectly — a sort of elegant but bold cowgirl.

“I love everything about cowboy aesthetics,” Osorio said. “There’s something about it that just works extremely well.”

 To physically manifest those qualities in the looks, think durable fabrics — wools, furs, leathers — shaped into lighter silhouettes and styled with plenty of boots and hats.

“You can look fabulous while out in the rain on your horse,” Everine said.

 For the two designers, the collaboration’s power comes from its complimentary qualities. Operating as somewhat of a stylistic yin yang, each design approach plays with notions of gender.

“We’re taking femininity and masculinity and entwining them in interesting ways,” Everine said.

Cohesive as their endeavor has proven to be, each artist brings something completely different to the table.

Artistic subtleties aside, Everine and Osorio exist in exactly the same dimension when it comes to the intense passion for making sure the show is 100 percent unforgettable.

 An extensive amount of time and effort have been directed towards creating a show that will provide a thorough, awe-inspiring sensory experience.

“The theatrical drama of not only the clothes but the production quality is going to make it like attending a theatrical event,” Everine said.

Every aspect — music, lighting, visuals — will work together to strengthen the cool equestrian aesthetic in ways that can be appreciated by every kind of person.

“Even if you’re not really interested in fashion,” Osorio said, “You’ll still be blown away.”