Editorial: U should adhere to Paris accords

by Daily Editorial Board

When Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord, criticism mounted against the president’s actions. In a near consensus, experts posited that the agreement was a groundbreaking and impactful plan to reduce environmental harm. Now, the United States’ lack of interest in this pact will lead to less regulation over emissions and will further the issues caused by global warming.

In defiance of Trump, however, several states including California, Washington, New York and Minnesota have agreed to keep up with the agreement. While state governments have made efforts to continue upholding the agreement, colleges ought to also step in. Earlier this month, hundreds of colleges and universities across the country have pledged to be a part of the plan. Our University also needs to act against the depletion of the environment.

An example of a change that could be made is adding guidelines within the student dorms to reduce water waste. Simple signs that encourage students to take shorter showers, turn off their lights and use their recycling bins would lead to less environmental impact.

From a broader perspective, the University could install more solar panels. These would reduce carbon emissions made throughout the University daily.

Finally, there should be more funding for scholarships for students in sustainability based programs. If students have greater incentives to be a part of the process, they will be able to make greater improvements.

There needs to be more environmental awareness on campus. This means taking real action and going above the basic guidelines of the agreement.