College Kitchen: Say cheese!

April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Didn’t plan ahead? The College Kitchenista’s got your back.

by Lucy Nieboer

Being a true Kitchenista is a commitment. It means tackling crepes flambé and seared scallops on a weeknight. It means chopping onions until there is no difference between sweat and tears. It is signing a contract to eating well and working hard. This doesn’t mean that comfort foods and simple dishes are a thing of the past. Au contraire — once Kitchenista status is achieved, it just starts getting fun.

The grilled cheese sammy has so many gourmet possibilities that trial and error experimentation is key. The College Kitchen team worked tirelessly with a cast iron pan and mounds of grated cheese to come up with the outlined options below.

Follow these simple steps for a perfectly crisp, endlessly gooey lunch sandwich.

  1. Heat your pan over a medium-high flame. Get it good and hot.
  2. Take a fat knob of butter and plop it in the pan. It should begin to bubble immediately. Turn the flame down to medium. Coat the pan.
  3. Take your compiled sandwich in the following form: bread, sauce, cheese, toppings, more cheese, bread, and gently set it in the hot butter.
  4. When the cheese on Side A begins to melt — you should be able to see it — flip to side B.

5. Turn the heat down a bit more. Take a heavy pan lid and put it directly on the sandwich. This will keep the heat in to melt the cheese, and act as a sort of panini press. After three or four minutes the sandwich should be done. Cut across the middle and serve with a pickle.