Charges against Diane Bakdash dropped

Katherine Lymn

Prosecutors have dropped accomplice charges against the mother of the Dinkytown hit-and-run driver, the Strib reported today.

Diane Bakdash,66, faced felony charges after a witness overheard her telling her son, who’s been charged with murder, to get rid of his car after he allegedly hit a group of students on purpose. A witness, described only as “B.B.,” said that while on the phone with Bakdash, he overheard the mother telling her son to “get rid of the car” to cover up any connection to the accident. But the witness later clarified that he only overheard a woman talking to Timothy Bakdash, and that he didn’t “have a clue” whether it was his mother. “B.B.,” who was on the phone to buy the car, also said Timothy Bakdash denied that the woman was his mother.

Diane Bakdash’s attorney used the witness’s doubt as the reasoning to get the case tossed. Hennepin County prosecutors tossed the more serious felony accomplice charges, but not a lesser charge of obstructing the legal process.

In May, Hennepin County prosecutors charged Timothy Bakdash with first-degree murder for allegedly running down a group of University of Minnesota students after an alleged bar argument, then fleeing.

Prosecutors later said the victims were not the same people Bakdash argued with hours before the April 15 crash.

The crash, near the corner of Fifth Street and 12th Avenue Southeast, led to the death of student Ben Van Handel. Timothy Bakdash, 29, has a November trial.