Introducing Sarah Ruhl

Joe Kellen

The U of M’s department of Theater Arts and Dance opened "Eurydice" this weekend. If you haven’t checked it out, you ought to. But as a broader note, if you haven’t checked out the show's playwright, Sarah Ruhl, you really ought to.

The title of this blog is a little ridiculous because she’s one of the most produced contemporary playwrights out there. Ruhl’s poetic, she’s got heart and isn’t afraid to embrace weirdness (check out this play to get a taste), so, to both theater and non-theater people, I encourage you take a step into her world.

1. Check out this interview between her and Paula Vogel.

2. Get some insight on her process with her segment on NPR's Morning Edition.

3. Read some excerpts.

4. Watch a chunk of Second Stage Theatre's production of "Eurydice."