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By Brenda Tran I’ve been obsessed with omelettes ever since I learned how to cook. They're quick and easy and you never get sick of 'em because you can customize the dish in so many ways....


By Austen Macalus Here's the thing — I loved season one of “Transparent”. That is by no means an unique statement; the show was unanimously praised by critics and nominated at last...


By Brenda Tran Eric Hanson is an illustrator and writer based in Minneapolis whose career spans decades. His artwork has graced the pages of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone, to name a few....


By Yena Lee If you’ve been out of the Instagram game, then it’s time for you to get yourself in it. A lot of local Minnesotan brands carefully curate their Instagram feeds, and it’s being...


BY AUSTEN MACALUS Almost as soon as the Oscar nominations were released last Thursday, conversation emerged around the surprising lack of diversity, the biggest snubs (Where is Paul Dano’s nomination?),...

Minnesota native Alicia Bognanno performs with band Bully at Pitchfork Music Festival on Saturday, July 18. The indie-rock band formed in 2013 and is currently based in Nashville.

Bully wows Pitchfork Music Festival 2015

Published July 22, 2015

Nashville, Tenn., garage rock outfit Bully may blast sneering, raucous punk âÄônâÄô roll tunes, but they were scared off pretty easily when massive thunderstorms hit this yearâÄôs...

Pitchfork Day 3: Ending with a Bang

Published July 20, 2015

The final day of the festival left everything that came before it behind. Audiences enjoyed beautiful weather, higher attendance and acts that held nothing back. The energy of the night felt chaotic at...

Pitchfork Days 1 and 2: A blast as always

Published July 19, 2015

The first day of Pitchfork’s 10th annual music festival started with brutal weather. Concertgoers at Union Park experienced temperatures above 90 degrees with a healthy haze of humidity. Though the...

New Music: The Mountain Goats — “Beat The Champ”

Published April 7, 2015

Today marks the release of the 15th Mountain Goats record, “Beat The Champ.” The 13-track effort combines the mythos of old-school professional wrestling in the Southwestern United States and the emotional...

Q&A: James Vincent McMorrow

Published November 16, 2014

BY ROBERT LARSON How has tour been going? It’s been really good. I’ve done five shows solo, and then down in new places I haven’t been before. I think this is fourth show with the full...

A “Post Tropical” evening

Published November 16, 2014

BY ROBERT LARSON James Vincent McMorrow dazzled a captive audience at First Avenue on Thursday night. McMorrow’s sophomore album, “Post Tropical,” departed far from his indie-folk under-produced...

Local artist Perci Chester describes the installation of her latest gallery of sculptures and prints at the Traffic Zone for Visual Art on Monday.

Playing with gravity

Published August 6, 2014

Perci Chester started her artistic career as a painter, thanks to her father. “I thought he was very magic,” she said. “He probably played a part in the reason why I feel most art is...

Thao Nguyen may have a shy exterior, but underneath is a pile of dynamite.

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down to play Skyline Music Festival

Published August 6, 2014

When Thao Nguyen performs, she’s something of a contradiction. At Bonnaroo in June, Nguyen shyly walked on stage and waved hello at the audience with a small smile that matched her diminutive frame. Then,...

Eric Johnson plays emotional, scale sweeping solos on electric guitar.

Eric Johnson to play Cedar Cultural Center

Published August 6, 2014

Guitarist Eric Johnson’s favorite thing about making music isn’t necessarily making music. "Why I enjoy what I do is because it gives me ability to meet people and have nice visits with them,”...

The cast of Crime and Punishment, a drama featured in the Minnesota Fringe Festival, rehearses at the Soap Factory on Sunday.

U community finds Fringe home

Published July 30, 2014

From the outside, the Rarig Center doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun. The concrete monolith stands tall above the brutalist architecture that dominates the University of Minnesota’s West...

20 years of Boredoms

Published July 26, 2014

On July 25, 1994, noise rock legends Boredoms released an overlooked gem: “Chocolate Synthesizer.” Like most Boredoms records, listening to “Synthesizer” feels similar to being...

7 Seconds still embrace the hardcore ethos that guided them through the 80s.

7 Seconds over 30

Published July 23, 2014

Kevin Seconds takes issue with the word “legendary.” He’s been the frontman of hardcore band 7 Seconds since 1979 and inspired legions of musicians to go out and keep the punk tradition...

Arj Barker maintains a big presence on stage while exuding calmness.

A San Franciscan in Australia

Published July 23, 2014

Last week, comedian Arj Barker’s comedic side took a backseat to his inner romantic as he vacationed at his family’s northern California getaway. “It’s chilly, like, 55 degrees...


Published July 21, 2014

There’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. It’s deceptively simple to feel and it’s often the subject of unjust, public shame. Brendan Chilcutt is undercutting that with a website...

Cwn Annwn members practice at Kooler Sound in St. Paul on Thursday. The melodic metal band formed in 1997.

Bring out the hounds

Published July 16, 2014

In Welsh folklore, Cwn Annwn is an otherworldly group of hounds whose presence portends death. In the Twin Cities, Cwn Annwn is a melodic metal band that rehearses underground at Kooler Sound in St. Paul. Yes,...

Local photographer Eric William Carroll poses with pieces of his new exhibit, G.U.T Feeling, Vol. 2, which will open at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on July 17.

Right in the G.U.T.

Published July 16, 2014

Science can be dumb — or at least misinformed, according to photographer Eric William Carroll. “The thing I love about humans doing science is that humans are inherently wrong,” he said. A...

The birth of punk?

Published July 12, 2014

First things first: R.I.P. Tommy. All of this talk about The Ramones is stirring up memory lane trips for music critics and authentic punkers alike. As one of the first big names in punk, the Ramones get...

Corbett, Nelson and Murphy are just three guys havin a good time. (Havin a good time.)

RiffTrax takes Minneapolis out for a night at the movies

Published July 9, 2014

RiffTrax is, at its simplest, a group of friends trying to make each other laugh. Under the RiffTrax moniker, comedians Bill Corbett, Michael J. Nelson and Kevin Murphy record MP3 commentaries that go...

Performers Callan Korpi and Darwin Hull rehearse stage combat for Six Elements Theatres production of Human Combat Chess at the Historic Wesley Center on Thursday night.

Scripted and tactical: Six Elements Theatre’s Human Combat Chess

Published July 9, 2014

Skot “The Real Knight” Rieffer wielded a halberd as he exited the storage unit in a meeting room last Thursday at Minneapolis’ Historic Wesley Center.  “You’re going...

In the middle of the street

Published July 6, 2014

Alright, the folks at A&E understand just as well as you do, buskers can be annoying. The art of street performance is imposing by its very nature, and it can be fantastic when it isn’t heavy-handed....

 Béla Fleck takes the banjo from its porch stompin roots to modernity.

The bastion of banjo at the Zoo

Published July 2, 2014

The banjo is oft more associated with straw hats than the world of classical music. Béla Fleck’s life’s work is to change this. “I would describe it as a high-tech, primitive...

The Hold Steady are keen on keeping their music accessible.

The Hold Steady and the course

Published July 2, 2014

The Hold Steady’s lead singer and lyricist, Craig Finn, never realized that all his band needed was a little space. The classic rock emulating group took their guitar flexes and Friday night drum...

 Béla Fleck takes the banjo from its porch stompin roots to modernity.

The bastion of banjo

Published July 2, 2014

The banjo is oft more associated with straw hats than the world of classical music. Béla Fleck’s life’s work is to change this. “I would describe it as a high-tech, primitive...

Minneapolis sculptor Rebecca Krinke and painter Duane Ditty carry a painting while installing their new exhibit Incident at the Rosalux Gallery on Monday.

Figuring out fallout

Published July 2, 2014

Rosalux Gallery’s upcoming exhibit “Incident” got on its feet by mistake. Earlier this year, painter Duane Ditty, one of two artists featured in “Incident,” worked on a new...

Places to Pride

Published June 28, 2014

The Twin Cities Pride Festival is in full swing, and if you aren’t already checking out the huge number of live bands playing in Loring Park, A&E’s compiled some other spots for you to...

Angie Oase of the band Pennyroyal poses with her bike on Sunday. Pennyroyal will be playing at Twin Cities Pride on June 28th. In addition, Oase plans on riding her bike with Dykes on Bikes, a lesbian motorcycle club, during the parade at Pride.

The pride of Pennyroyal

Published June 25, 2014

Initially, the Twin Cities Pride Festival elicited more questions than answers for Pennyroyal frontwoman Angie Oase. There was some discomfort and disconnect as she dealt with being gay and the varying...

Cut Copy will get you dancing like a robot from 1984.

Cut Copy: Just a right-click away

Published June 25, 2014

Cut Copy shows transport audiences to the floppy disk era. In their appearance earlier this month at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn., the electronica group was illuminated by...

Performer Aretha Aoki rehearses part of SHORE at Jawaahir Dance Companys studio on Thursday.

Emily Johnson brings “SHORE” to Northrop

Published June 18, 2014

Choreographer Emily Johnson said she has a broad definition of what dance can be. “I look at the world in terms of movement and spatial relationships,” she said. “Birds flying, traffic...

Kumail Nanjianis cunning wit comes from great work ethic.

Kumail Nanjiani to play Mill City Nights

Published June 18, 2014

When comedian Kumail Nanjiani moved to New York City, he decided he was only going to write material that was true to his actual experiences. Luckily for him, there were things like the pigeon man. “The...

Festival-goers sit on the edges of the crowd to listen to Cavemans afternoon set on the first day of Bonnaroo Thursday. The festival experience isnt all rainbows, though.

Footprints on the moon: the Bonnaroo universe

Published June 18, 2014

Music festivals that provide a campground are utopian in theory. The plots of land become oases of music-lovers, goofy behavior and plenty of brazen substance abuse. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, located...

Elias Arkham rehearses the new play The Beast, directed by Ryan Underbakke, at Bedlams new Lowertown location on Monday. The Beast opens June 13 and runs through June 21.

“The Beast” to open in Bedlam’s new Lowertown space

Published June 11, 2014

Bedlam Theatre’s “The Beast” has dark themes, a whole lot of physicality and a hefty body count — a perfect piece to perform for a potentially unsuspecting audience. The theater,...

One writer’s secret to a perfect marriage

Published June 4, 2014

Driving up a mountainside to a secluded cabin with your wife should be romantic. For writer and performer Mark Bentley Cohen, it felt more like the beginning of a horror flick in which he was the deranged...

Sage Francis wear and tear

Sage Francis’ wear and tear

Published June 4, 2014

Instead of spending time with loved ones last Christmas, rapper Sage Francis was bedridden with pneumonia. Isolated from friends and family for an entire month, Francis’ eyes scanned the walls of...

Minneapolis-based painter and graphic designer Michael Cina works on artwork for his collaborative exhibit She Who Saw The Deep at Public Functionary on May 29. Cina has been collaborating with New York-based photographer John Klukas for the past year and their artwork will premiere at Public Functionary on June 7.

Looking deeper across time zones

Published June 4, 2014

Sometimes it takes 40 tries to get the desired result. For perfectionists like photographer John Klukas and painter Michael Cina, this is an infuriating delight. Their joint exhibition at Minneapolis’...

Four songs for thin walls

Published June 3, 2014

Alright, so you play guitar. We won’t shame you here because you’ve already had your fill of that from your crappy friends. You’re probably trying to develop a new hobby or learn the...

Randy Reyes: Finding the footing

Published June 1, 2014

Artistic Director of Mu Theater, Randy Reyes. He is directing the upcoming play, FOB. (Photo by Samuel Harper) A little over a year ago, it was announced that Randy Reyes would succeed the influential...

New theater coalition in early stages

Published May 28, 2014

In October of last year, the musical “Miss Saigon” opened at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts to protests. A theatrical sensation that debuted in London in 1989, “Miss Saigon”...

Paul F. Tompkins could be the best-dressed comic in this hemisphere.

Paul F. Tompkins: uncovering the story

Published May 28, 2014

Paul F. Tompkins scurried through his living room hanging pictures — hammer in one hand, box full of dishware in the other and phone cradled on his shoulder — a casual effort for the comedian. “We’ve...

A little gift for you

Published May 25, 2014

“I wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life.” If you haven’t heard this sentiment, it’s pretty clear you’ve never been on Reddit before (see also: 1, 2, 3). In the unfortunate...

Slam Dunkey

Published May 21, 2014

Chances are good that you loved video games at one point in your life. Even if it was only for a few moments, you can’t deny the riotous pixel party roped you in as a child. Who could blame you?...

Eugene Mirmans comedy is both crispy AND nutritional!

Pretty good comedy: Eugene Mirman prepares to tour U.S

Published May 8, 2014

During one fateful day in sixth grade, Eugene Mirman knew he was going to ace his book report. He hadn’t actually read the assigned novel — instead, the future comedian came into class and...

Performer Nathan Christopher rehearses the first act of Bandara at the Old Arizona Theater on Tuesday.  Bandara, a play written and directed by University alumni Enrique Adyanthaya, is a play that explores Puerto Rican and Indian cultures.

Staging uncommon roots

Published May 1, 2014

Playwright and director Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya never thought he would get into theater professionally. It took moving to Minnesota from his home of Puerto Rico and getting his M.D. at Mayo Medical...

20% Theatre Company regionally premieres “Rapture, Blister, Burn”

Published April 24, 2014

As each hour of rehearsal ticked by, director Anya Kremenetsky and the rest of her company tried to perfect the pacing of “Rapture, Blister, Burn.” Kremenetsky said this play, put on by 20%...

Comedian Lizz Winstead adds politically charged sass to her Minnesota nice.

Lizz Winstead: Political and present

Published April 24, 2014

A tired, half-bored Lizz Winstead sat in a bar on a blind date, watching the first Gulf War unfold on television. Before entering the unremarkable New York City establishment, the comedian and future co-creator...

The Persuasions have the dynamic duo on their side: talent and charm.

No backing band necessary

Published April 10, 2014

A cappella music toes a careful line. For a truly great performance to emerge, each element must converge at the perfect moment. Bass vocalist Jimmy Hayes maintains that the advent of his group, the Persuasions,...

Potatoes come to life and paradigms shift in Sibyl Kempsons Potatoes of August.

Brand new spuds

Published April 10, 2014

A burlap sack full of big brown Boise potatoes isn’t average fodder for an evening of theater. But when the contents of that straw-colored bag grow minds of their own, it makes for an enticing oddity....

The Arditti Quartet celebrates 40 years of playing new music

Published April 3, 2014

Irvine Arditti doesn’t look at his violin like a single instrument anymore — it’s one point of a quadrilateral. Considering that he’s been one-fourth of a string quartet for 40...

August Burns Red to play Skyway Theatre

Published April 2, 2014

When Christian metalcore band August Burns Red formed in 2003, the genre was small, but had a loyal following. The band played cramped venues and honed their sound around the same time future heavyweights...

The Human Serviette

Published March 30, 2014

Tam o' Shanter hats are the key to being cool in 2014, and if being cool is your thing, then I have something special for you. This something is a man with a YouTube channel and a heart of gold known...

Sticks and stones

Published March 28, 2014

Sticks and stones can’t break St. Paul and the Broken Bones. While their emotional skeletons may take a beating, this Birmingham-based soul septet’s rise to public recognition has considerable...

Warpaint weaves together trippy soundscapes and haunting charm.

Painting by numbers: Warpaint’s steps toward cohesion

Published March 27, 2014

For Warpaint, the best way to create a strong record is to fall in love with your bandmates. The psyched-out dream rock quartet released their first record in four years this January, and bassist Jenny...

Lessons in camaraderie

Published March 27, 2014

Chuck Ragan is Ted Nugent if Ted Nugent wasn’t quite so controversial. Ragan’s outdoorsy, can rip on the guitar and talks about art as if it were his best friend. His backing band, the Camaraderie,...

Disasteratti band members guitarist Dari Kaveh, drummer BJ Woullet and bassist Dan Earixsson after rehearsal at CitySound Rehearsal Studios in St. Paul.  The band is headlining at First Avenue on Friday.

Disasteratti celebrates “Cerebral Hack Artist” at the Entry

Published March 13, 2014

Punk rock isn’t known for its dedication to humor, but for Dari Kaveh, it’s essential. The guitarist and songwriter of Minneapolis noise punk band Disasteratti said the group often plays stand-up...

Writer Andy Sturdevant works on an outline for an upcoming essay at his studio in Minneapolis on Tuesday.  Sturdevant will be discussing and reading his first published book Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow at the Weisman Art Museum along with two other authors on Thursday.

The new kids on the page

Published March 13, 2014

Andy Sturdevant’s path to Minneapolis was mostly based on chance. He grew up and got his bachelor’s degree in Louisville, Ky., and decided to move to Minneapolis a few years after graduation...

Flogging Molly may look tough, but theyre in it for the love of the craft.

Green no more: Flogging Molly looks forward

Published March 6, 2014

Bob Schmidt may be one of the few prominent mandolin players out there, but he never anticipated having his name on a signature Fender model. “Kids will come up to me after shows and ask for me to...

Q&A with Joshua Oppenheimer: Grappling with “The Act of Killing”

Published March 6, 2014

Anwar Congo, an active member of the paramilitary organization Pemuda Pancasila in Indonesia, didn’t hesitate to appear in the Oscar-nominated “The Act of Killing.” Widely favored to...

BFA student Nikki Ervice rehearses Earth Song with other BFA dancers at the newly renovated Kilburn Theatre in the Rarig Center on Tuesday night. The piece, choreographed by BFA senior dancer Elander Rosser, is part of the BFA showcase performance New Dance/New Space that premieres Feb. 27.

Dance students lend newly renovated Kilburn Theatre their voices

Published February 27, 2014

Darrius Strong could only trust his headphones to deliver the best sonic treatment until tech rehearsals started for “New Dance/New Space.” “The speakers in [the Kilburn Theatre] provide...

LCD ecosystem

Published February 27, 2014

A group of graduate students, faculty and staff from the University of Minnesota’s School of Music and art department looked out of place equipped with boom microphones in the forest. “I wanted...

Waiting for Bonnaroo

Published February 22, 2014

All you festie-goers have that giddy feeling bubbling in your stomach. Bonnaroo tickets are on sale. With an average attendance of around 100,000 folks, you can be sure the ticket site will be experiencing...

Welcome to Jeremy Messersmith’s laboratory

Published February 20, 2014

Two years ago on a stage outside Coffman Union, a bow-tie sporting Jeremy Messersmith clutched the neck of his guitar with both hands. “This next one is kind of an experiment,” he said, introducing...

Performers from Mixed Precipitation rehearse in Minneapolis on Tuesday. The company will perform Tonya and Nancy: The Opera at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall on Thursday.

Skates, stouts and sabotage: Mixed Precipitation’s “Tonya & Nancy: The Opera”

Published February 20, 2014

Downing shots while listening to a soprano nail an aria might not sound like Thursday night plans. Scotty Reynolds of Mixed Precipitation — a performance initiative that stages everything from operas...

Jazz guitarist Zacc Harris strums a melody with his Sadowsky guitar at Studio Z in St. Pauls Lowertown Arts District.  His label, Shifting Paradigm Records, is holding a release party on Saturday.

Shifting Paradigm Records to officially launch

Published February 13, 2014

Zacc Harris didn’t own a guitar until he was 16 years old. “I was a late bloomer for sure,” the founder of Shifting Paradigm Records said. “But I’m also something of a go-getter,...

Dave DeGennaro and Shari Aronson pose for a portrait with their cast of pirate puppets at the Moreland School in West St. Paul.

Z is for zen, P is for puppets

Published February 13, 2014

Chris Griffith and Shari Aronson are married, but they’re always going to live in a love triangle. That third person isn’t a person at all — it could be a ping pong ball, a pirate chimp...

Bye, Bye Birdie

Published February 9, 2014

If you haven't heard the news already, the smartphone phenomenon “Flappy Bird” is potentially getting ixnayed by its developer. People are freaking out. While I’ve downloaded and...

University professor and make-up artist Tessie Bundick demonstrates how to apply make-up to imitate a bruise on junior acting BFA student Rebecca Leiner in the Rarig Center on Friday.

Face painting: Makeup artists in the Twin Cities

Published February 6, 2014

Tessie Bundick applied a dash of purple to her model’s cheek, dotting right beneath the eye to finish off an enormous bruise. The model got up, looked in the mirror and put her hand to her face,...

Local indie band Tree Party.

Tree Party to play release show at the Cedar

Published February 6, 2014

Last year, the Minnesota State Arts Board awarded Joey Ford $10,000 to write and record an album about Minnesota with his band Tree Party. So, in the beginning of summer 2013, Ford took to the road and...

Damien Jurado to play the Turf Club

Published January 30, 2014

Singer-songwriter Damien Jurado never expected to sell out the Bowery Ballroom in New York. It was even more surprising that the crowd paid keen attention. “It’s weird,” he said. “The...

Technical Director for Park Square Theatre Robert Jensen adjusts lights on Friday behind the set of the theaters current show, The School for Lies, in St. Paul.

Shine on: Lighting design

Published January 30, 2014

Mike Kittel is responsible for one of Park Square Theatre’s most important visual components in live performance — and the stealthiest. “Every light that we put on stage is helping illuminate...

U of M jazz students look to the future

Published January 23, 2014

It’s not an easy time to be a musician in the Twin Cities. With the 488-day Minnesota Orchestra lockout and the recent closing of the Artists’ Quarter, the outlook feels bleak. While the Orchestra’s...

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays members, from left: bassist Brian Gollnick, rhodes player Peter Bregman, vocalist Brianna Kocka, drummer Mitch Miller and guitarist Paul Flynn.

Feelin’ it out

Published January 23, 2014

Bartosz Lampart finally got his way. The 18-year-old high school exchange student from Warsaw, Poland, caught his favorite band, Minneapolis outfit Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, at one of their only shows he...

Review–Patton Oswalt: “Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time”

Published January 18, 2014

So, Patton Oswalt's dip into the EpixHD pond may have left him with skin rash, but at least those of us devious enough to click “GET A FREE TRIAL!” were able to enjoy the compelling waters...

Business as usual in “The Receptionist”

Published December 11, 2013

Swivel chairs, cubicles and fluorescent lights are spectacularly mundane, and playwright Adam Bock’s “The Receptionist” embraces them all. Ben McGovern, the director of Dark & Stormy...

Guts: 2013’s bravest theater

Published December 11, 2013

It’s been a hell of a year — a sentiment you’d probably expect a list like this to make — and an incredible amount of both boring and fascinating theater came through the Twin Cities. Let’s...

Zainab Musa rehearses for Habeas Corpus on Monday at the Pillsbury House Theatre in Minneapolis. Habeas Corpus is one of three productions in the Naked Stages series, which seeks to provide a mentorship opportunity to emerging performance artists in Minnesota.

Pillsbury House Theater’s Naked Stages 2013 opens

Published December 5, 2013

Molly Van Avery’s eyes beamed when she was asked about her job as the director of Pillsbury House Theatre’s Naked Stages program. The program has been close to her heart for a while now. Though...

Mason Jennings simple and raw song structures add a folky, downhome charm to his style.

Mason Jennings returns to Minneapolis for double-header at First Ave

Published December 5, 2013

Anyone who cites Ryan Gosling as inspiration for an album is bound to raise eyebrows, but for Mason Jennings, it makes sense. His newest record, “Always Been,” came out Nov. 12 and its influences...

The Blackheart Burlesque tour combines cultural spoofs and sex appeal.

SuicideGirls bring “Blackheart Burlesque” tour to Varsity Theater

Published November 27, 2013

SuicideGirls like “Doctor Who” too, you know. Their touring “Blackheart Burlesque” show, which hits Minneapolis on Friday, will feature a full-on “Who” costume and a...

Mark Mallman jams retro rock that occasionally transforms into performance art.

Mark Mallman to bring antics to Turf Club

Published November 27, 2013

Mark Mallman has been playing music in Minneapolis for years with the goal of getting sloppier. You might not guess that based on his extensive musical training and reputation around the Twin Cities. Mallman’s...

Jérôme Bel and Theater HORA examine preconceptions of disability through dance.

Jérôme Bel and Theater HORA bring “Disabled Theater” to the Walker

Published November 21, 2013

If performance artist Jérôme Bel’s work does anything, it gets the audience talking. His newest piece, “Disabled Theater,” is a collaboration with Switzerland’s...

Joseph Bombard and Nicholas Leeman rehearse for The Sexual Lives of Savages on Tuesday night at the Minneapolis Theater Garage. The show, directed by Amy Rummenie, gives an honest and funny portrayal of our private lives and how modern generations view sex.

“The Sexual Lives of Savages” regionally premieres at Walking Shadow

Published November 21, 2013

Wondering about the number of partners your significant other has had is normal. To obsess over it, however, is a different story. That sexy number is the incendiary flare that sets up “The Sexual...

Review: JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound with Escort

Published November 19, 2013

Remember how I asked you if you wanted to funk? If you were at the Triple Rock on Sunday night, there’s no debating what your answer was. When I first arrived, the frizzy-haired, shotgun blast of...

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound hit up Triple Rock

Published November 17, 2013

You wanna funk? JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound are a five piece indie soul outfit with the ability to groove you into hypnosis with goofy music videos to boot. Described as “Otis Redding fronting...

The Veterans Play Project, created by Footprints Collective and presented by Mixed Blood, rehearses on Tuesday at Base Camp at Fort Snelling. The play tells a story of veterans and civilians living in a small Midwestern town, and is performed by a cast of both actors and veterans.

Local veterans star in “The Veterans Play Project”

Published November 14, 2013

Leah Cooper’s parents were pacifists. As a kid, the closest the artistic director of the Footprints Collective ever got to the military was at peace rallies. When Mixed Blood Theatre Artistic Director...

Tim Kasher pens literary pop rock with a wink and a bite.

Tim Kasher ends “Adult Film” tour at the Triple Rock

Published November 14, 2013

The cover of Tim Kasher’s newest record, “Adult Film,” is disgusting. His eyes are hidden by the title of the album, and he’s covered with some sort of glazy, dirty mixture. His...

The Blind Boys of Alabama deliver music designed to spiritually uplift and share the gospel — can we get a witness?

The Blind Boys of Alabama head to the Cedar

Published November 7, 2013

Jimmy Carter — not the peanut farmer — is the last founding member left in the Blind Boys of Alabama. At 82, it’s impressive the guy’s still touring. His gregarious personality...

Emily Rose Duea, Meredith Larson and Alyssa Perau take the stage Monday in Love Letters from the Middle East. The play, written by Kiomars Moradi, runs Nov. 7-17 at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul.

Hope Theater Company opens inaugural show at Dreamland Arts

Published November 7, 2013

Kiomars Moradi spent a lot of time on buses when he immigrated to the United States, mostly because he didn’t know how to get off. “I passed a lot of stops,” he said with a laugh. The...

Calling all “Rogues”

Published November 4, 2013

You may have heard of Jeff Wagner before. You probably saw the mayoral candidate for the first time emerging from a lake, promising to swear off strip clubs and kickbacks. Wagner’s a laid back dude,...

Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy pluck and bow their way through high-energy, dance fueled concerts.

Fiddle me this

Published October 31, 2013

Talking to Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy is jarring. They aren’t unfriendly — they’re Canadian — so don’t be mistaken, it’s just that it isn’t every day...

Lisa Von Drasek, curator in the Childrens Literature Research Collections at Elmer L. Andersen Library, looks through rows of books in one subset of the underground archive.

Lecture series kicks off with children’s lit

Published October 31, 2013

Holding in a yawn, a parent sets down a copy of “Goodnight Moon” and looks at their starry-eyed child. It’s way past bedtime but still, two small hands grip the cover and the begging...

Vice president of the Minnesota Climbing Team Joe Zelman climbs on Tuesday at the rock wall in the Recreation Center.

Student climbers reach new heights

Published October 24, 2013

Dakota Spence-Zurek gripped the climbing harness around his waist and considered a route. Ska-punk music blasted as he looked at the wall, trying to solve the vertical puzzle.  “I get so focused...

Actors Christina Baldwin and John Middleton perform a reading of Trista Baldwins play, Angel Fat for PlayLabs at the Playwrights Center in Minneapolis on Sunday. PlayLabs is a 30 hour intensive writing, reading and re-writing session for playwrights.

The Playwrights’ Center celebrates new work with PlayLabs 2013

Published October 22, 2013

What does a play look like? As far as PlayLabs is concerned, there’s no right answer to that question. PlayLabs, which is now in its third decade, develops the latest work of three of the 26 members...

“Made Here” at Block E

Published October 21, 2013

Block E hasn’t had a whole lot of luck over the years. Closed establishment after closed establishment has left the section of Hennepin Avenue with empty storefronts. In order to spruce up the spaces,...

Regis shows off

Published October 20, 2013

This Tuesday, the Regis Center for the Arts will be opening new exhibits in their galleries in preparation for their tenth anniversary open house in November. The exhibits feature art exclusively from...

Actors Kristina Fjellman and Derek Lee rehearse on Tuesday for The Sandbox Theatres This Is A World to Live In, directed by Matthew Glover. Glover took over an empty space in Minneapolis City Center Mall to create the Any Warhol-inspired show.

Ensemble-based Sandbox Theatre unveils “This Is a World to Live In”

Published October 17, 2013

By the time you finish reading the second paragraph of this story, partner up with someone close by. You’re going to create a scene. It has to contain 30 seconds of silence and an iconic historical...

CocoRosie to play the Cedar Cultural Center

Published October 17, 2013

CocoRosie’s Sierra Casady doesn’t do well when she’s got time on her hands. “It’s hard to have a couple days off. ... You’d think we enjoy it, but we don’t,”...

Review: MDT’s Fall Repertory

Published October 13, 2013

If you look at the front display of the Cowles Center at the right angle, it illuminates the entire block. It’s sort of insane how the marquis’ colors blend together, shining on the building...