Four songs for thin walls

Joe Kellen

Alright, so you play guitar. We won’t shame you here because you’ve already had your fill of that from your crappy friends. You’re probably trying to develop a new hobby or learn the discography of your favorite gui-slinging white guy, which is something we can get behind. It’s also possible that you’re a total ass who wants to check off a box from your party tricks checklist. Whether we like it or not, this is for both of you. Since it’s almost guaranteed that you live somewhere where your roommates can hear you from your room when you play, here are four quiet songs that are fun to learn and not annoying for your housemates.

1. Idylls of the King — The Mountain Goats

Achingly beautiful, this sad tune won’t blow a hole through the walls, but it’ll probably leave a nice dent in your heart.

2. Lua — Bright Eyes

Take a stroll down memory lane and keep the emotional train chugging along with a classic Conor Oberst ode to self-destruction.

3. Blackbird — The Beatles

If any song on this list enables the total ass we mentioned earlier, this is it. You can’t deny its beauty, though, and it’s always a treat to play.

4. Jorge Regula — The Moldy Peaches

Not only is this song ludicrously easy to play, but it’s a sweet song you can sing with a friend.