Slam Dunkey

Joe Kellen

Chances are good that you loved video games at one point in your life. Even if it was only for a few moments, you can’t deny the riotous pixel party roped you in as a child. Who could blame you? The medium is still fairly new, it satisfies any desire for instant gratification, and, hey, it’s the perfect venue for colorful absurdity.

You aren’t a kid anymore, though, and it’s time that you upped the ante and revisited the games of yore that satiated your hyperactive thirst for play. The good news is that you don’t have to take the time to play ‘em — you can watch vloggers talk through entire levels without rotating a thumb or mashing a directional pad. A&E’s personal favorite? Look no further than YouTube’s own videogamedunkey.

Even for those of you that don’t dig the video game world, the ever-caffeinated Dunkey’s ridiculous method of reviewing games, along with his odd playthroughs of classics is charming, uncouth and full of commentary. So, plant yourself on the basement couch and settle in for a couple hours of weird.