Behind the music

Five local bands dish on the places for grub and booze that get their engines revvin’ offstage.

Lizzo, Claire De Lune, and Sophia Eris of the local all-female hip hop collective, The Chalice.

Chelsea Gortmaker

Lizzo, Claire De Lune, and Sophia Eris of the local all-female hip hop collective, The Chalice.

Shannon Ryan

Pre-show, post-show and every hour in between, musicians need fuel to crank out the instrumentals we all bump to. Your pals at A&E rounded up some Minneapolis artists to find out which restaurants and bars they frequent to fill up their musical gas tanks. Here are some tidbits on where some of our city’s finest musical crews find fuel offstage.


Holly Hansen, Zoo Animal


Where are you most likely to head after playing a show downtown?

If I’m honest about me, I would say home because I’m normally an early-to-bed type of gal, but if I were to go out, I would probably go to The Belmore or Club Jäger.


Where would you grab a bite to eat before a show in Uptown?

I’d definitely say Harry Singh’s, the Caribbean restaurant on Nicollet [Avenue].


Where are fans most likely to spot you around Minneapolis?

331 Club for sure. That’s probably the bar I go to the most — or Red Stag.


Mark Ritsema, Night Moves


If playing a show in Uptown, where are you most likely to head afterward?

It’s always different. We try and go everywhere, like CC Club, moto-I, the Driftwood Char Bar, Bryant Lake Bowl …


If someone were to buy you a drink, what would you request?

John [Pelant] drinks whisky-sodas — Maker’s Mark if available — any kind of tequila for Micky [Alfano], and I’m a gin guy. Hendrick’s Gin and tonics are really good.


Gabe Douglas, 4onthefloor


What bars are fans most likely to catch you at?

We actually hang out mostly in the Lyn-Lake area of Uptown, so Muddy Waters or Cause. And over on the West Bank, Nomad or the Triple Rock are our frequent stops.


If you’re not playing music during the day, what do you do?

We play Kubb; it’s a lawn game. It’s really fun. And The Bad Waitress is a good spot just to hang out at during the day, too.


Where is your favorite place to grab a bite to eat after a show?

After a show we usually hit Dulono’s. It’s really, really good, and they’re open to 3 [a.m.].


Lauren Alford (Sophia Eris), The Chalice


Where do you ladies hang out around the city?

We’re all around Uptown a lot. We are at Muddy Waters quite often; that’s like our house to be quite honest. And if we’re in the West Bank area, we are at Hard Times and downtown we’re at The Depot.


If a fan wanted to ask you out, what’s the best way to do so?

If they came up to us and they showed respect — we don’t tolerate the, “Yo you look good up there, girl,” — and said something that was cute.


Taylor Nelson and Alaine Dickman, Wiping Out Thousands


What kind of liquor does each of you drink?

Dickman: We were on a really big vodka kick for a really long time, but now it’s whiskey and tequila.

Nelson: She likes tequila more than I do, and I like whiskey more than she does.


Where is a go-to hang out spot for you?

Nelson: There’s a really cool wine bar in St. Paul called Bin, and we go there quite a bit. It’s like two blocks away from our apartment, so it’s really easy to walk to.


What kind of food do you eat after playing a show?

Dickman: We always go to Taco Bell.

Nelson: It’s a stupid guilty pleasure ritual we’ve created for ourselves.