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Before “The Voice” with Nicholas David

Published May 9, 2013

With a mane of long, fiery red locks and an effortlessly cool beard to match, Nicholas David “The Feelin’” Mrozinski — commonly known simply as Nicholas David — is best recognized...

Lay t-shirts flat to save suitcase space for summer traveling.

The Fashionista is in: leaving on a jet plane

Published May 7, 2013

  A heady bout of travel anxiety is the common preface to a trip well-traveled. Questions arise from the ambiguity of suitcase packing — how many blouses is really too many blouses — to...

A trip to “Maraqopa” with Damien Jurado

Published May 7, 2013

    What: Damien Jurado When: 8 p.m., Wednesday Where: Turf Club, 1601 University Ave., St. Paul Cost: $13 in advance; $15 at the door Age: 21+ Singer-songwriter Damien Jurado has built up...

A long tulle skirt and black heels are an easy style to wear to summer weddings.

The Fashionista is in: wedding attire

Published May 2, 2013

Doesn’t it seem like everyone you know is getting married? It sure seems like that to me. And the majority of those weddings take place during the summer — the season of love. You’ll...

Celebrate the Cinco in the Twin Cities

Published May 2, 2013

Grab a piñata, a bottle of Jose and your best pals this weekend because it’s time to celebrate America’s favorite south-of-the-border holiday: Cinco de Mayo, the holiday that...

Sophomore Julia Roberts gets her hair done on Sunday at Studio 1414 in Northeast Minneapolis for a photo shoot for the upcoming RED: Super High Fashion show that will be on Saturday, May 4, 2013.

A (super) high fashion show

Published May 2, 2013

What: RED: [Super] High Fashion   When: 7 p.m., Saturday   Where: Studio 1414, 1414 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis   Cost: $15 GA; $35 premium; $75 VIP     Fantasy meets fashion...

Spring cleaning your closet can get rid of old clothes and out-of-style pieces.

The Fashionista is in: closet cleanse

Published April 25, 2013

Maintaining a closet full of aged blue jeans and two times too many sweated tees from high school is equivalent to never washing your face at night: You’re clogging your sartorial pores, readers! Throughout...

Ivan and Alyosha revealed

Published April 25, 2013

What: Ivan and Alyosha When: 7 p.m., Monday Where: 7th St. Entry, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis Cost: $10 in advance; $12 at the door Age: 18+   The name Ivan and Alyosha sounds eponymous until you...

Apparel design sophomore Lauren Kacher, left, poses with her model, Amanda Spencer, Monday, April 22, 2013, at the Weisman Art Museum. Spencer is also a Minnesota Daily business employee. Kachers design will be shown in the Threads Fashion Show on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, at the Weisman.

The fashionista is in: a peek into “Threads“ at WAM

Published April 23, 2013

What: “Threads”   When: 7 p.m., Wednesday   Where: Weisman Art Museum, 333 E. River Road, Minneapolis   Cost: Free for University studentsstudents and WAM members; $5 general...

Lizzo, Claire De Lune, and Sophia Eris of the local all-female hip hop collective, The Chalice.

Behind the music

Published April 18, 2013

Pre-show, post-show and every hour in between, musicians need fuel to crank out the instrumentals we all bump to. Your pals at A&E rounded up some Minneapolis artists to find out which restaurants...

Farewell Milwaukee, a Minneapolis band

Published April 18, 2013

What: Farewell Milwaukee When: 8 p.m., Saturday Where: Cedar Cultural Center, 416 S. Cedar Ave., Minneapolis Cost: $12 in advance; $15 at the door Though the band’s moniker alludes to the idea that...

The Fashionista is in: on being a shop owner

Published April 16, 2013

  To every budding fashionista, owning a clothing store is an ideal job. To be able to curate your own collection, albeit designed by others, sounds like the finest way to execute your fabulous personal...

Review of Envision: Artopia Spring 2013

Published April 16, 2013

On Saturday evening, City Pages threw one of the largest fashion events in the Twin Cities, Envision: Artopia. Taking place in the 5th floor ballroom of the Graves Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, the evening...

Summoning all fashionistas/os

Published April 13, 2013

I know you, reader. If you chose to read one of my blog posts you’re either highly interested in fashion or folk/indie-pop music and want to know where to have a taste each of those in the Twin Cities....

This is the way it is, muchacho

Published April 11, 2013

What: Phosphorescent   When: 8 p.m., Friday   Where: Turf Club, 1601 University Ave., St. Paul   Cost: $13 in advance, $14 at the door, SOLD OUT   Age: 21+                  ...

Old Chat with Young Man

Published April 11, 2013

What: Young Man When: 7:30 p.m., Monday Where: 7th St. Entry, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis Cost: $10 in advance; $12 at the door Age: 18+   Singer-songwriter Colin Caulfield came of age in the Internet...

Spring Jam is missing its peanut butter

Published April 10, 2013

  This morning, the folks at SUA announced the lineup for the U's infamous weekend of Spring Jam. Drum roll, please -- Thursday, April 25 - Greg Bates with Kayla Conn Friday, April 26 - Theophilous...

The fashionista is in: at home fitness

Published April 9, 2013

We’re approaching the end of the year: six weeks left of lectures, lecterns and listening to professors list the elements of a stellar public relations campaign. Then we ditch the PDFs and book bags...

The Kids Grow Up

Published April 4, 2013

What: Cold War Kids When: 8 p.m., Friday Where: First Avenue, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis Cost: $20 in advance, $22 at the door; SOLD OUT Age: 18+   The Cold War Kids have been making waves on...

Culture Compass: Aziz Ansari and a New York childhood

Published April 4, 2013

Thursday What: “Bhopali” When: 5 p.m. doors open, 5:45 p.m. show begins Where: Mayo Memorial Auditorium, 420 Delaware St. SE, Minneapolis Cost: Free   It’s the fourth day of National...

Philanthropy gives you WINGs

Published April 4, 2013

What: Flight of Fashion 2013 When: 5:30 p.m., Thursday Where: Loring Pasta Bar, 327 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis Cost: $50 in advance; $60 at the door; $85 for VIP   This year marks the fifth annual...

Doris Day turns 89, 90 or 91

Published April 3, 2013

Though the exact year of Doris Day’s birthday is ultimately unknown and under speculation, the day is verified as April 3rd, so happy birthday, Doris! The iconic Hollywood singer and actress of the...

Rolling Stones finalize North American tour

Published April 3, 2013

Okay, ya’ll – today marks the day you can officially let the tears roll. The Rolling Stones announced the next set of dates and locales for their “50 and Counting” tour, and unfortunately...

The Fashionista is in: defying April showers

Published April 2, 2013

Say it with me, “April showers bring May flowers.” This we know and this we accept. In our minds we limit the heavy rainfall and monsoon minutes to a span of four weeks, though it too often...

Q&A: Wavves

Published March 28, 2013

What: Wavves   When: 7 p.m., Friday   Where: 7th St. Entry, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis   Cost: $16 advance, $18 door (Sold out)   Age: 18+   With the release of their album...

Left to right: Jennifer Ball, assistant professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication; Bruno Chaouat, associate professor in the Department of French and Italian; Jacqueline Schiappa, doctoral candidate and graduate instructor in the Department of Writing Studies

The Daily’s Singled Out: Hot Professor Edition

Published March 28, 2013

Is it in the gaze from behind their wide-framed spectacles? Their smooth vocal delivery of the sociological perspectives of race in the mid-1960s? What about the flawless curve of their cursive letter...

The Fashionista is in: you, me and a fashionable celebrity

Published March 26, 2013

We admire them on and off the big screen, away from the stage and aside from their Photoshop figures. Acknowledging that celebrities are mere mortals like you, me and the guy workin’ late nights...

Bartender John Weinberg prepares a pitcher of beer on Tuesday, May 12, 2013 at O Garas Bar and Grill in St. Paul. O Garas will celebrate its 72-year anniversary this St. Patricks Day.

A St. Paul St. Patty’s Day

Published March 14, 2013

As one of the most anticipated holidays for those with a palette whet by dark ales and fish ‘n’ chips, St. Patrick’s Day sneaks its way into the hearts and minds of non-Irish folk through...

Album Review: “Mala” by Devendra Banhart

Published March 12, 2013

Album: Mala   Artist: Devendra Banhart   Release date: March 12   Record label: Nonesuch   Nonesuch Records released “Mala,” Devendra Banhart’s latest full-length...

The Fashionista is in: Spring into action

Published March 12, 2013

Taking a stroll down memory lane this week, we rewind back to September  2012, when the elitists of the fashion industry unveiled their ideas for what spring wardrobes should look like. Sifting through...

Hoodie Allen. Photos by Diana Levine (

20 questions with Hoodie Allen

Published March 7, 2013

What: Hoodie Allen When: 6 p.m., Sunday Where: First Avenue, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis Cost: $21/SOLD OUT Age: All ages   Steven Markowitz is a Jewish guy from Long Island, but under the rap...

The lovely band quirks

Published March 7, 2013

  What: The Lovely Bad Things   When: 9 p.m., Friday   Where: 7th St. Entry, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis   Cost: $8 in advance, $10 at the door   Age: 18+   Brought together...

Tunesday, March 5th

Published March 5, 2013

You guys like new music, right? Here’s a list of some of the latest full-lengths that dropped, you guessed it, today (or today-ish). Dust off your headphones and beat the blizzard with a latte and...

The Fashionista is in: bikini beat

Published March 5, 2013

Wherever your plane ticket reads or your Dodge Neon drives, sunshine and bliss is just shy of two weeks away. And that requires new sunscreen — UV ray protection is sexy — and new swimsuits. Leading...

Sing with me, sing for the year

Published March 2, 2013

OMG it’s Friday. And because Rebecca wrote the rules – it’s her world, we’re all just livin’ in it – it’s imperative that we’ve gotta get down on Friday....

Smoldering sounds from the dark and folky blues duo, The Ericksons, will fill the Amsterdam Bar and Hall this evening as one of three acts to play the second installment of Local Current Live. Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kochsiek are sisters who blend their voices for an impeccable hushed harmony that is instantly pleasing to listeners.

A blend of past and present

Published February 28, 2013

The union of The Ericksons was created after an encounter with life’s harrowing realities, the death of a loved one. The two women turned to innate musical talent for catharsis. They produce music...

Everybody hates the Princess of Genovia

Published February 28, 2013

We’ve all had a nice chuckle or two about Anne Hathaway’s nipples protruding—ah, Anne, your headlights are turned on—and her Gollum-esque, “It came true…” coo...

Deer in headlights

Published February 26, 2013

  What: The Deer Tracks   When: Tuesday, 9 p.m.   Where: 7th St. Entry, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis   Cost: $8 advance, $10 door   Age: 18+   When Sweden natives David...

Review: MNfashion’s The Shows, night two

Published February 24, 2013

  Yesterday evening the fashion elitists of Minneapolis flocked to the North Loop to cap off a seven-day stretch of feathers, fringe and local designer collections. Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week...

Designer Max Lohrbach cuts material for one of his pieces Monday, Feb. 18, 2013, in Minneapolis. Lohrbach will be showing his work in the first night of The Shows at Aria.

Designer Highlights: Four to look for

Published February 21, 2013

What: The Shows When: 7:30 p.m., Thursday and Friday Where: Aria, 105 N. First St., Minneapolis Cost: $25   Fashion will come to life this evening and the next in the most anticipated event of the...

Model Lindsey Kuehl displays one of Anna Louise Svibens designs at FLUX, the College of Designs 45th annual apparel design senior fashion show, Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013, in Rapson Hall.

Students in Flux: Review of the University of Minnesota senior fashion show

Published February 19, 2013

An evening of fashion, fiction and fantasy, Saturday marked the 45th annual University of Minnesota apparel design’s senior class fashion show: Flux. Seventeen design students have been developing,...

The Fashionista is in: Menswear quiz

Published February 19, 2013

Where my well-dressed fellas at? I know you’re out there, guys; perhaps you’re buried underneath some stodgy high school tees and University of Minnesota sweats, but I see through that. I believe...

Flux: Senior Fashion Show 2013

Published February 16, 2013

This Saturday marks the 45th Annual Apparel Design Fashion Show thrown by the University of Minnesota’s Apparel Design senior class. For the past six months, 17 individual designers have been working...

Fashion forecast: Fall 2013

Published February 14, 2013

Despite a raging blizzard gifted from Ms. Mother Nature, models stomped the runway, critics peeped the delicious designs and fashion enthusiasts braved the storm all in the name of Fall 2013 ready-to-wear. New...

Hump day horse ride

Published February 13, 2013

It’s Wednesday, and it’s the day before Valentine’s Day. And it’s slush-ridden outside—icky. Many of us are shaking in our boots with a vexing cycle of exes drifting through...

The Fashionista is in: get hearts pounding

Published February 12, 2013

In two days we will find ourselves immersed in chocolate, truffles, champagne and love — and disdain for some — all in the name of St. Valentine. Feb. 14 is the date on your calendar either...

A Bite of the Apple’s Style

A Bite of the Apple’s Style

Published February 12, 2013

Twice a year the fashion luminaries of the world descend upon New York City in an effort to bring together the finest fashion for the upcoming seasons. This year, the industry elite gathered together at...

55th Annual Grammy Awards: the nominations

Published February 10, 2013

Beautiful people, phenomenal talent and the potential for the tabloids' wet dream, the celebrity nip slip, all come together for one night of musical bliss. You've got it, the Grammy's are...


Published February 8, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year: New York Fashion Week! The collections preview fall fashions of 2013, and after only two days of designs, skipping spring and summer and heading straight into...

Culture Compass: Jim James and the end of courtship?

Published February 7, 2013

Thursday Sol Inspirations’ Fashion Scholarship Benefit Bespoke Hair Artisans 3918 W. 49 1/2 St., Edina 6–8:30 p.m. $25 Students, style, tally cards and organic wine — what’s not...

Q & A: Chris Sullivan

Published February 7, 2013

What: Filmmakers in Conversation: Chris Sullivan’s Consuming Spirits When: 7:30 p.m., Friday; 3 p.m., Saturday Where: Walker Art Center, 1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis Cost: $9 ($7 Walker members,...

Band chat: Coheed and Cambria’s Travis Stever

Published February 7, 2013

What: Coheed and Cambria   When: 5 p.m., Sunday   Where: First Avenue, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis   Cost: $30   Age: All ages   Monday evening marked the beginning of a North...

The Fashionista is in: Your personality, your pout

Published February 5, 2013

Applying a lip color can do more than simply boost hydration and inject vitality to the pout; it acts as a window for the public to peer inside the mind and personality of the wearer. When selecting a...

The Lady Divine: Ms. Judith Stein

Published January 31, 2013

What: The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival When: Thursday and Friday, 8 p.m.; Saturday, 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Where: The Ritz Theater 345 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis Cost: $12 When University of Oregon student...

Saying deuces to fashion faux pas

Published January 31, 2013

As a contributing writer to the fashion industry, I feel it is necessary to try out the majority of trends that surface each year, critiquing those that simply do not work and wearing those that simply...

Senior Jenna Frankenfield gets styled in head-to-toe pieces from local shops Parc Boutique and Rewind Vintage.

The Fashionista is in: style mixology 101

Published January 29, 2013

  “Style me pretty” was the name of the game this week, and I was playing with vintage and modern finds to ease the daunting task of mastering how to incorporate vintage digs into your...

Album Review: “Hummingbird” by Local Natives

Published January 29, 2013

  Artist: Local Natives   Album: “Hummingbird”   Release Date: Tuesday   Record Label: Frenchkiss Records/Infectious Music   Those seeking a repeat of the instantly...

Chuckling warranted

Published January 27, 2013

A couple of Hemingway's finest, a piece by Mr. Wilde, throw in a Murakami or two and top it off with "The Grapes of Wrath" and a candle, and you've got yourself the millennial's bedside...

Minneapolis rapper Sean Anonymous at Cause Spirits and Soundbar in his LynLake neighborhood.

Hip-hop anonymous

Published January 24, 2013

What: Sean Anonymous’ Birthday Bash   When: 8 p.m., Thursday   Where: Triple Rock Social Club, 629 S. Cedar Ave., Minneapolis   Cost: $5 in advance, $7 at the doors   Age: 18+   Making...

Sean Anonymous: Continued

Published January 24, 2013

To my unexpected pleasure, my interview with Minneapolis hip-hop artist Sean Anonymous (in print and online 1/24) turned into a tri-chat when DJ Name walked into Bob’s Java Hut. I tossed a couple...

Blacklist Vintage owner Vanessa Messersmith works behind the counter at Blacklist Vintage on Jan. 17, 2013, in Minneapolis.

The Fashionista: the price is tight

Published January 22, 2013

A hearty welcome back is in order as we begin this spring semester with our books in bag and our wallets slowly draining the leftover holiday money from our ’rents. If you’re like most of the...

Album Review: “Anything In Return” by Toro Y Moi

Published January 22, 2013

Brewed as a pop-based mixture of house and electronic hip-hop, Toro Y Moi’s latest album, “Anything In Return,” takes a bold stride toward breaking into the mainstream and straying from...

Who’s your Columbine Smille?

Published January 19, 2013

Mary-Kate? No, Ashley? Ms. Roitfeld? Wait, I bet Kate Moss. No, no, no, I've got it--Alexa Chung? Regardless of whomever you choose as your style stalkee, I applaud you for having one. A style icon...

The Fashionista is in: Apocalyptic Apparel

Published December 12, 2012

As the alleged end of the world date draws near, anxiety, fear and prophetic theories are understandably running amuck. Magnetic forces causing comet collisions with earth, concealed alien cults saving...

Midnight in Minneapolis

Published December 12, 2012

With festive lights lining the city streets and trees dressed in snow, the holiday season is well underway in Minneapolis. With that comes the looming New Year’s Eve holiday equipped with party hats,...

The Fashionista is in: Festive attire

Published December 11, 2012

’Tis the season to be stylishly equipped for festivities around the clock. From Hanukkah happenings to secret Santa exchanges and bringin’ in the New Year with a bang, a camera-ready outfit...

Sarah Edwards, creator of the I AM MPLS! variety show, shown in her downtown office at Pixel Farm in Minneapolis on Friday. The variety show features passionately creative people from Minneapolis at the Varsity Theater at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Who is Minneapolis: I AM MPLS!

Published December 6, 2012

What: I AM MPLS!   When: Doors open at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m., Thursday   Where: Varsity Theater, 1308 Fourth Street SE, Minneapolis   Cost: $15-$50   Age: 18+    When...

The Fashionista is in: The Ten Commandments

Published December 4, 2012

This week I’m serving a succinct dose of medicine to cure campus’s cold shoulder to fashion rules. The focus of today’s column is on style composition. It’s to adjust thy wardrobes...

Album Review: “Eclipsing“ by Dream Boat

Published December 4, 2012

“Eclipsing”   Artist: Dream Boat   Release Date: Dec. 4   Record Label: Cloud Recordings   “Eclipsing” should be played in the darkness of a minimalist environment,...

Wilhelmina Minneapolis: Old Brand, New Office

Published November 29, 2012

Though Minneapolis may not be regarded as a fashion capital, our presence as a marketplace in the talent and entertainment industry is still impactful. While we may be more suitable for Cheerios than Chanel,...

Oscar Wilde himself overlooks Wilde Roast Cafe on Southeast Main Street in Minneapolis.

Lattes to Liquor: a cafe roundup

Published November 29, 2012

The end of the semester is looming, and students are flocking to coffee houses to sip on legal doses of liquid caffeine while burying their minds in textbooks. The sublime-for-studying cafe no longer simply...

The Fashionista is in: The New Swans of Style

Published November 27, 2012

Street-style photography is raw and spontaneous. It’s a photographer living the scene, camera in hand, finding himself in a plea with the city to reveal a maverick around the next corner. Its product...

The Fashionista is in: Gobble On in Style

Published November 20, 2012

Adhering to a dress code on this holiday of giving thanks for blessed joys may seem trivial, but think again. A well-placed hemline or a loose-fitting pant can make all the difference to your Thanksgiving...

From left, Ben Huhner, Kangweon Lee and Tim Yu.

The Fashionista is in: Good Fellas

Published November 13, 2012

To be a man with style doesn’t necessarily warrant an encyclopedic understanding of the nascent men’s fashion community, nor does it imply wearing monogrammed cufflinks to class. It’s...

The Fashionista is in: Evening Eccentricities

The Fashionista is in: Evening Eccentricities

Published November 6, 2012

Going out is equal parts going outside the traditional constraints of your weekday mind and going outside the box with your wardrobe. Think differently. Use apparel as art to elevate the mundane. Instead...

Costume designer Jonathan Singer examines one of the dresses he designed for the play The Rover,

Behind the Bricolage

Published November 1, 2012

What: “The Rover” When: Nov. 1-11 Where: Rarig Center, Stoll Thrust Theatre, 330 S. 21st Ave., Minneapolis Cost: $10, $5 for students   Jonathan Singer is a producer of his own kind, a...

Katherine Bourgeois, Chloe Wasserburger and Andrea Schaefer strut their autumn stuff on the University of Minnesota campus.

[Photo] The Fashionista is in: Let the Streets Speak

Published October 30, 2012

Katherine Bourgeois, Chloe Wasserburger and Andrea Schaefer strut their autumn stuff on the University of Minnesota campus.

Katherine Bourgeois, Chloe Wasserburger and Andrea Schaefer strut their autumn stuff on the University of Minnesota campus.

The Fashionista is in: Let the Streets Speak

Published October 30, 2012

After a minor and delicious delay of the cold front with those sporadic hints of a lingering summer through early October, the whispering breeze and pedicure-prompting sun has passed. Enter wind-bitten...

The Fashionista is in: An all-day evening affair

Published October 23, 2012

As students, we lead lives of constant transitions. From the classroom to the office and back again by dinner time, there is little time for wardrobe changes to fit each setting. We’ve got to begin...

The Fashionista is in: Fashionomics

Published October 16, 2012

It’s no staggering notion that your early 20s are expensive. Getting a college education, throwing back cocktails downtown, securing a place to live and acquiring the proper threads for the perpetual...

The Fashionista is in: The Seven Stages of Break-up Apparel

Published October 9, 2012

We already know the seven deadly sins, the Seven Wonders of the World and the seven dwarves; it’s time to familiar ourselves with the seven wearable emotions of mourning apparel. At the risk of sounding...

The Fashionista is in: On Style

Published October 2, 2012

  It’s a word: five letters. This word is a sign linked to images of bold and daring pieces. It’s a graphic dose of dizzying patterns à la blouse, a flirtatious dress worn...