Spring Jam is missing its peanut butter

by Shannon Ryan


This morning, the folks at SUA announced the lineup for the U's infamous weekend of Spring Jam. Drum roll, please —

Thursday, April 25 – Greg Bates with Kayla Conn

Friday, April 26 – Theophilous London

Saturday, April 27 – Mat Kearney with Battle of the Bands winner, Pert' Near Sandstone and Chastity Brown

Nah, I'm not forgetting anyone. This certainly is the lineup for that glorious Gopher weekend. The SUA Facebook page is taking a beating, with posts from commenters including, "And tens of thousands of students suddenly facepalmed in unison," and "no one is gonna drink to matt kearny. this has got to be a joke." Ouch. Dry your eyes, SUA, thousands of students will still drink and get chummy with one another regardless of who the headliner is. But I can’t help but agree with the Facebook homies. Better luck next year, pals.

Check out the commentary on the SUA Facebook page if you're itching to hear what the other kids are saying. Jump on the bandwagon of #teamKearney or #teamMifflin — your call.