The Fashionista is in: you, me and a fashionable celebrity

Wake up and smell your celebrity style twin.

Shannon Ryan

We admire them on and off the big screen, away from the stage and aside from their Photoshop figures. Acknowledging that celebrities are mere mortals like you, me and the guy workin’ late nights at Santana’s makes those individuals in the spotlight easier to identify with.

In terms of style, we’re drawn to those with similar outward appearances to our own, and we tend to reflect the tastes of celebrities with a corresponding fashion palette. Who are you most like?   

Question 1:

What makes your outfit complete?

A. Dangle earrings

B. Fresh kicks

C. A bowler hat

D. Patterned tights


Question 2:

If you’re feeling chilly, which type of cover-up are you most likely to grab?

A. Varsity jacket

B. Blazer

C. Cardigan

D. Tuxedo jacket


Question 3:

Which spring trend are you most looking forward to rocking?

A. Bermuda shorts

B. Black and white patterns

C. Unexpected cutouts

D. Lace frocks


Question 4:

When painting your nails, what color is your standard?

  1. Vibrant red
  2. Pale pink
  3. Pitch black
  4. Dark gray


Question 5:

What online shopping site do you visit most frequently?

A. Nasty Gal

B. Topshop

C. Zara

D. ModCloth


Question 6:

Which type of dress silhouette are you most likely to wear?

A. Shirt dress

B. A-line

C. Shift dress

D. Bodycon



  1. A. 2; B. 4; C. 3; D. 1
  2. A. 4; B. 1; C. 1; D. 3
  3. A. 2; B. 1; C. 3; D. 0
  4. A. 2; B. 1; C. 3; D. 2
  5. A. 3; B. 2; C. 1; D. 0
  6. A. 2; B. 1; C. 2; D. 3


6 points or less: Zooey Deschanel

You’re drawn to feminine silhouettes with quirky details. Stripes and florals and mixing patterns are nothing new to you. A sweet eccentricity is noteworthy to your style — and whether that be the addition of a polka dot headband or a vibrant cardigan, it’s signature to you.


7-11 points: Jessica Alba

Classic, tailored and feminine silhouettes draw you in like a sale draws in a shopping addict. You flock less toward trends and more toward style staples, which will ultimately enhance your wardrobe. In 10 years you’ll have a closet of a ripe age and sharp pieces from the decade.


12-15 points: Kate Bosworth

A minimalist approach to your wardrobe is signature to your style. You take basics from street to chic with the addition of a polished jacket and a pair of heels, maintaining an effortless model-off-duty appeal. You garner major eyes of approval from passersby for your queen-of-street style pairings, offering those that gaze a 3-D taste of fashion deemed blogable.


16-20 points: Rita Ora

Girl likes to party. You’re known for imparting a creative spin on the humdrum routines of life with your flavor and panache. Clothes tend to be prints on prints on prints with at least one splash of neon per outfit. Playing with the trends of each season is your forte, and you do it well.