Chuckling warranted

Shannon Ryan

A couple of Hemingway's finest, a piece by Mr. Wilde, throw in a Murakami or two and top it off with "The Grapes of Wrath" and a candle, and you've got yourself the millennial's bedside table dressing (note: common to my knowledge). Not a bad bundle of pages to lay so near a slumbering mind if you ask me, but don't people have any light, mindless laugh-in-40-pages books housed in their abodes? I must question: Where are all the gummy, saucy quick-read books hiding?

Perhaps you're afraid that the frequenters-that-have-yet-to-frequent your apartment will toss a cold, discerning eye your way for having such delightfully lowbrow reads, though that is my own conjured assumption. Perhaps you dismiss them as lowbrow yourself, I don't know. Regardless of the reason for their scarce existence, I haven't seen too many laying out—aside from the tables at UO—so I've got a few suggestions to begin building your own humorous collection of quick-reads.

"Dealbreaker: The Definitive List of Dating Offenses" by Dave Horwitz and Marisa Pinson — Such a LOL read because you learn that people actually bought the Microsoft Zune.

"All My Friends Are Dead" by Avery Monsen and Jory John — OK, dark comedy is a win for everyone.

"F*UCK! I'm In My Twenties" by Emma Koenig — Laughing at your own plight can be fun, you'll see!