The Fashionista is in: Good Fellas

Three well-dressed gents ditch their sneaks and sweats in favor of walking tall in cultivated casual wear.

From left, Ben Huhner, Kangweon Lee and Tim Yu.

Shannon Ryan

From left, Ben Huhner, Kangweon Lee and Tim Yu.

Shannon Ryan

To be a man with style doesn’t necessarily warrant an encyclopedic understanding of the nascent men’s fashion community, nor does it imply wearing monogrammed cufflinks to class. It’s more about being a man who exudes an educated sense of self.

First impressions are sometimes all you get. Whether it be to acquire the internship you’re hungry for or nab the number of the man or woman making eyes at you from across the bar, that small amount of face time is crucial. It’s a combo platter of intellect, wit and style that’ll appease your appetite.

The first two you’ve got in your back pocket, but if you’re a novice to the third, militarize your eyes and a-ten-hut to the three guys I spotted on campus reeking their own personal style.

Ben Huhner

Math education graduate student

Self-proclaimed style: “Hip lumberjack”

A pleasing testament to Ben’s individual sense of style, he wears loden, the new neutral of the season, in its traditional sense; it’s typically noted as the color of most army garb. The grayish shade of green douses his military-inspired field coat and works well with his deep denim jeans. Ben’s facial scruff and fresh cognac-saturated lace-ups add a tinge of ruggedness to the overall look, playing with his hint of a woodsman’s sartorial sense. It’s a relaxed, lounge look with the correct amount of sharpness to stray from appearing disheveled and undone.

Kangweon Lee

Economics and pre-med senior

Self-proclaimed style: “Simple and tailored chic”

Dipped in the premier colors of the season, shades of crimson and navy, Kangweon is an on-trend example of sublime weekday errand wear. The mild cuff to his denim is a pleasant and personal complement to his light-wash chukka boots, allowing more of them to be seen. Everything from the puffer vest to the knit beanie and beyond are well-chosen pieces that exhibit his own style.

Tim Yu

Finance freshman

Self-proclaimed style: “Traditional with a twist”

It can’t be denied that Tim’s outfit is anything less than what he claims to be: traditional with a twist. His navy, unbuttoned pea coat over a classic, striped button down shirt is the essential upper-half to a traditionally well-crafted outfit. The twist enters in the un-tucked nature of the dress shirt and the pairing of the wine-colored pants. The minds of menswear had a merlot moment this season, making the color a fine signifier of autumn’s presence. It’s a pleasant and brazen choice for the lower half, kudos to his pairing.


It goes without saying that you could be the most courteous and articulate man who has ever graced this earth, but if you consistently present yourself in holey wind pants and a graphic tee fit for the finest of eighth graders, then an eighth grader you’ll be. You’ve got a thing or two goin’ on, guys – let us see that through your style.