The Fashionista is in: An all-day evening affair

Transition from the classroom to cocktails in eveningwear that sees the light.

Shannon Ryan

As students, we lead lives of constant transitions. From the classroom to the office and back again by dinner time, there is little time for wardrobe changes to fit each setting. We’ve got to begin our days with a 12-plus-hour appropriate outfit to last us through meetings, classes and, of course, the beacon of light to each day’s end: the cocktail hour.

As of late, and much to our delight, style mavens have thrown a flagrant disregard to the basic distinction between day and evening wear and revolutionized the meaning of casual, daytime apparel. A crepe sequin-embellished jacket for breakfast? Leopard print stilettos as a side for lunch? Both are definitive can-dos in the lives of the metropolitan, which we are — albeit with several slight amendments — living.

Now, I’m not suggesting you wear a stylishly savage velvet bodysuit and four-inch patent-leather pumps to your 8:15 a.m. lit lecture. Rather, I encourage you to vamp up your daytime digs for a more seamless transition into evening festivities.

Follow my logic, and listen to this fashion-fusionist’s equations for turning clothes traditionally billed as cocktail fare into practical daytime wear.



Sliding your feet into a shiny pair of pony-haired metal-wing-tip pumps as soon as your alarm clock rings doesn’t strike any fancy; however, it should be known that the fashion fuzz have issued a moratorium on the use of tennis shoes as footwear with skinny jeans, so let’s compromise with an in-vogue equation. One pair of night-out stilettos + one pair of day-dyed riding boots = the classic harbinger piece of the season: the heeled ankle boot. It’s a perfectly practical piece for daytime jaunts to nighttime excursions.

Lower Body:

Pencil, A-line, to the mini and beyond; a skirt brings sexy to the legs no matter the length. With the addition of a pair of opaque tights, the problem of too-short-for-school is solved. Tap into your inner Cher Horowitz and work a mini all day. Prints or solids or tulle with leather trim isn’t an issue of time when paired with a solid tight beneath for daytime activities. Come night, it’s more about what you take off than put on: Shed the tights in favor of a bare, explicit leg.

Upper Body:

Itching to wear that backless peplum top for happy hour with the crew? Feel free. Thanks to the recent darings of the fashion realm’s elite, sneak into that peplum blouse after sipping your morning latte. Toss a loud blazer — color-blocked, sequined or tweed — around your shoulders to shield the über-evening lack of back during the daytime and still keep a sense of life to the look.


Peacoats are the essential classic for an evening out on the town, but they can be stuffy and overdone during the daylight. In contrast, the on-trend anorak as outerwear is sublime during on-campus errands, however, it’s inappropriate for evening escapades. Thus, combine them for the production of a trench coat. Sharp, tailored lines inherited from the mother peacoat and the light, effortless lay of the father anorak result in an excellent amalgam of outerwear opulence.

To really rev up your evening engine while the sun’s still shining, toss some diamonds in your pencil case so you’re prepped with that extra hint of glint come time to drown your mind in sweet appletinis.