Who’s your Columbine Smille?

Shannon Ryan

Mary-Kate? No, Ashley? Ms. Roitfeld? Wait, I bet Kate Moss. No, no, no, I've got it–Alexa Chung? Regardless of whomever you choose as your style stalkee, I applaud you for having one.

A style icon is someone every budding fashion maven should figuratively keep in his or her back pocket. When in need of another mind to reaffirm or negate your choice of that sequined mini for lunch, simply think WWMSID: What would my style icon do?

Having a sense of what you like or don't like in terms of clothing is what creates your personal style, and referencing icons only helps secure your taste of fashion buds. Some have one or two main felines they look to; a definitive number isn't necessary. There are hundreds of savvy sartorialists to reap artistry of style from, sometimes it's just about stumbling upon that female with the exact level of craft you crave. If you're in need of some new inspiration, this fashionista's got you covered, because I'm dishin' on my personal fashion muse of the last four years.

I've got the sweets for Swedes' styles, specifically blogger, stylist and model Columbine Smille. This Swedish stunner puts the meatballs in the meatball and marinara sub of sublime style. She's the master of mixing high and low brands–Acne with H&M or Comme des Garçons with Topshop–to make her look an epic mixture of sophistication, edge, femininity and insouciance. Smille has got it goin' on. Check out her style files here.

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