The Fashionista is in: Let the Streets Speak

These fashion felines offer up three different ways to wear the boot of the season.

Katherine Bourgeois, Chloe Wasserburger and Andrea Schaefer strut their autumn stuff on the University of Minnesota campus.

Shannon Ryan

Katherine Bourgeois, Chloe Wasserburger and Andrea Schaefer strut their autumn stuff on the University of Minnesota campus.

Shannon Ryan

After a minor and delicious delay of the cold front with those sporadic hints of a lingering summer through early October, the whispering breeze and pedicure-prompting sun has passed. Enter wind-bitten cheeks and sock-soaked feet. Alas, we’ve moseyed our way into boot season. Instead of taking it all off, we’re putting it all on in an effort to shield our little piggies from all possible attempts at frost bite — burr-oink!

It’s time to rearrange our closets by bringing the heady and heavy boots to the front and nudging those barely there strappy sandals to the back. Mid-season temperatures require heavy-duty skin-hindering, and the moguls of the fashion world’s elite say to get a leg up on the weather with a hiking-inspired, lace-up boot. They are fully functional and supremely stylish, the best armor for the season.

Runway rockers and designer do-ups can be intimidating to replicate. Instead, take a cue from your campus comrades. Our grounds are crawling with ways to rock the trend, so take a cue from one of the below three females as a way to do so. From layered and clean to full-on fur sheen, get your in with outerwear and burrow into one of these three key looks.


Katherine Bourgeois

Cultural studies and comparative literature junior

A deliciously warm fur coat on top will keep you bundled and chic in the transition from fall to winter, and wearing the lace-up boot as an accent will add an element of effortlessness to the ensemble. The pairing amps up your glamour quotient, shifts your warmth gears to fully loaded and will leave spectators swooning in your wake. If unable to make the commitment to the real, opt for a cruelty-free and bank-friendly faux option.


Chloe Wasserburger

Public relations junior

Keep your outerwear playful in an autumnal Aztec-print coat and an oversize wrap-around scarf. This fashionista worked the navys and crimsons of fall well in her mid-sleeve adaptation of a tableau vivant and kept it steamy in a scarf fit for two. The whiskey-colored lace-ups flirt with the print on top and balance the overall play of the ensemble so neither has to forfeit attention.


Andrea Schaefer

Family social science senior

The oversize coat is synonymous with the fall/winter 2012 runways and is a fine exhibition of practical couture. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of fabric housing your body, as it will deliver warmth with a side of trendiness to appease your cold-weather wardrobe. Its voluminous silhouette allows you to layer underneath for additional warmth, and pairing it with a slim-fit, lace-up boot gives the body of the beholder a sworn too-hip-to-quit vibe.

Work a note of hard-edge elegance into your campus cool ensembles with one of the above adoptions of the lace-up kick-around. Common features to look for are a pull tab at cuff heel for an easy-entry, low-stacked heel for support and a rubber sole for traction. Our campus is a catwalk fit for satisfying your sartorial cravings. Keep your eyes peeled, your lace-ups in check and learn from your fashionably fresh peers to strike a pose for this fashionista on the prowl for more student sartorialists.