Tunesday, March 5th

Shannon Ryan

You guys like new music, right? Here’s a list of some of the latest full-lengths that dropped, you guessed it, today (or today-ish). Dust off your headphones and beat the blizzard with a latte and a listen to some new albums.

Note: Single sentence initial internal commentary is additional treat.


Untogether by Blue Hawaii – listened to “Sierra Lift”

I feel cold and alienated. Why does society hate me?


The Stand-in by Caitlin Rose – listened to “Shanghai Cigarettes”

Is it too soon to start creating a summer playlist?


Exal by Autechre – listened to “Fleure”

It’s 2030, and I’m stuck in an air vent trying to get out.


Chelsea Light Moving by Chelsea Light Moving – listened to “Sleeping Where I Fall”

Sonic Youth got really old.


Images du Futur by Suuns – listened to “Minor Work”

Neither he nor I is speaking, and the windows are rolled down. It’s warm, and this is playing on our road trip.


Woman by Rhye – listened to “The Fall”

This will be starred and put in my sensual kisses pile.


New Moon by The Men – listened to “Without a Face”

I feel forced to thrash my head and push someone over.


Wondrous Bughouse by Youth Lagoon – listened to “Attic Doctor”

I'm skipping through a slow-moving carnival with a seven-scoop ice cream cone in hand.


Naomi by The Cave Singers – listened to “Have to Pretend”

How haven’t I seen you live? Lather, rinse, and repeat.


Between Places by Young Dreams – listened to “Fog Of War”

This is so sugary and infectiously head-bobby and kind of Millennial-bathed Beach Boys-y.


The Big Other by Fiction – listened to “Careful”

Oh hell yes – I’m swimming in the ‘80s.