The Fashionista is in: Gobble On in Style

Avoid turkey-day travesties in festive frocks fit for you.

by Shannon Ryan

Adhering to a dress code on this holiday of giving thanks for blessed joys may seem trivial, but think again. A well-placed hemline or a loose-fitting pant can make all the difference to your Thanksgiving dinner. Serving sizes won’t set you back when you’re in the right sartorial mind for comfort and stomach expansion, which are sublime for second helpings.


Playing Hostess:

Layers of light fabrics will keep you mobile and pleasant during a day in the kitchen. Try a loose-fitting pair of trousers coupled with a gingham print button-down worn under a prim burgundy cardigan. Leave the billowy sleeves and antique rings in your closet. No one wants to see a dip of chiffon in the cranberry chutney or lose a pearly white to the likings of your hand candy. Keep the jewelry to a minimum on your arms and neck and instead treat your ears. Opt for a striking pair of studs over a dazzling pair of danglers — they’re impractical for an on-the-move maiden like you. Steer clear of heels and house your toes in a pair of stacked riding boots or a rockin’ embellished ballet flat in a shade of slate.


Meeting the Parents:

If you have a new significant other in your life, the holiday season is probably the time to meet the family. Comfort in a relatively conservative ensemble is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your alluring demeanor completely. Simply rearrange it. Instead of a deep “V” baring your chest, turn it around for a dashing low-cut back. Try the “V” with a traditional fabric like velvet — the gravy to your mashed potatoes this festive season. The lush fabric will feel satisfying against your skin, and wearing it à la bell-shaped dress will give your look a fixed shape perfect for that second slice of pie. Keep a bare neck with the dress and wear a low heel for a mix of elegance and ease. Choose an oversize sweater as your extra element of choice, as its fit will give the ensemble a less formal tone.


Turkey with Ma, Pa and Little Brah:

Having dinner with the usual set of family mates may make the holiday feel less spectacular and more sweatpants-can-do than a holiday with others. Nix this feeling with a few adjustments to your wardrobe, like working a pair of loose satin pants instead of your jammies. They are reminiscent of your PJs and are a rescue item to save your stomach from bursting at constrictive seams. A fitted blouse on top will make the look a bit dressier, and a rich colored wrap-around scarf will give your wintered face a pinch of illumination and freshness. The scarf earns bonus points with its ability to double as a pillow when you’ve overdosed on the bird and are about to fall into a turkey-induced coma. As for your feet, slide into a pair of patterned SmartWool socks and call it an evening.


Feasting with Extended Family:

Don’t worry about the calories in grandma’s loaded green bean casserole, because your body-con will be left on the hanger for this holiday. Tight and cropped clothing is less than ideal when getting goofy with older and younger relatives; keep the living room rated G. Opt for something lengthy, loose and forgiving, like a cozy knit sweater dress. A saucy color of poppy or a deep mustard is a festive choice, or a solid navy with a patterned hem is a pleasing alternative that’ll steer all eyes away from the midsection. A pair of opaque tights will keep your legs toasty during the winter holiday, and a comfortable set of low-heeled leather booties will complete the relaxed look.


Now that you’re a maverick of fit and fabric for the holiday, you’ll be able to stay calm and gobble on for subsequent servings.