Student nabs library flasher

by Jessica Steeno

A man was arrested Friday in Walter Library for exposing his genitals to a student studying there, according to a University Police report.
University Police Officer Charles Miner was called to the scene and said the man, who is not a University student or staff member, was sitting across a table from a woman who was studying. The woman called police after she saw the man’s genitals several times. The woman said she believed the man was intentionally exposing himself to her, Miner said. After police arrived, she made a citizen’s arrest.
A citizen’s arrest occurs when a person witnesses a crime and reports it to a police officer. The citizen must then identify the suspect, fill out a form and verbally place the suspect under arrest in the presence of a police officer. Police say citizen’s arrests are common, especially in theft and shoplifting incidents.
Miner did a background check on the suspect and discovered that the man had violated a probation order and there was a warrant out for his arrest. Miner arrested him for indecent exposure and violation of probation.
Police said the man could get a maximum fine of $700, 90 days in jail, or both for the exposure incident.
In other police news occurring from July 15 to July 22:
ù A homeless man was arrested Friday at an Embers on the 2500 block of University Avenue Southeast for eating $16.12 worth of food that he could not pay for, according to a Minneapolis Police report.
According to the report:
When the man finished eating, a waitress brought the check. He told her he did not have any money, and she should call the police.
The waitress called the police and when they arrived, the man said there was a warrant out for his arrest and he wanted to go to jail. He said he knew he didn’t have any money, but ordered the food so he wouldn’t be hungry in jail. He wanted to go to jail, he said, because he was homeless and tired and wanted a good place to sleep for the weekend, according to the police report.
ù University Police issued two trespass warnings last week, July 17 and July 22.
The warning issued July 22 was accompanied by a citation for disorderly conduct because police caught a man naked in a Willey Hall bathroom, according to a University Police report.
Because of recent concern over tea room incidents, University Police have been issuing trespass warnings to men who are not staff or students and are lurking in rest rooms.