Warsame remains winner in Ward 6 race after recount

Noor’s campaign withdrew from the recount contest after three precincts were tabulated.

Ward 6 City Council Member Abdi Warsame speaks at his election party on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Ananya Mishra

Ward 6 City Council Member Abdi Warsame speaks at his election party on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Madeline Deninger

The City of Minneapolis conducted a recount of the Ward 6 Minneapolis City Council election on Tuesday. 

Candidate Mohamud Noor requested the recount on Nov. 13 after claiming some votes were cast illegally. Noor and his campaign withdrew the request Tuesday after three precincts were counted and only one ballot was contested. 

Incumbent Ward 6 Minneapolis City Council Member Abdi Warsame defeated Noor by 239 votes in the Nov. 7 municipal election, surpassing 50 percent of total first-choice votes and winning in the first round of tabulation. 

Following the election, Noor alleged some of Warsame’s votes came from outside of the ward and were therefore illegal. 

“Our opponent currently holds a small lead, which we believe resulted from alleged illegal behavior including bringing voters from outside Minneapolis to participate in our elections and campaigning at multiple poll locations,” Noor said in a Facebook post Nov. 8. “Many locations had more people voting from that address than could lawfully occupy the residence.”

The recount took place at the Minneapolis Early Vote Center. Recount staff had finished tabulation of Ward 6’s second, third and seventh precincts when Noor representatives announced they would be withdrawing from the contest. The remaining precincts were not tabulated. Warsame remained the winner of the Ward 6 election. 

The City Canvassing Board will certify all Ward 6 results on Friday. According to Minneapolis City Clerk Casey Carl, the City will evaluate the cost of the partial recount and refund what was not used to Noor.

Following his withdrawal, Noor announced plans to bring evidence to court that he claims demonstrates instances of ballots being cast by voters outside the ward.

“Because a recount cannot address these irregularities, we will bring this evidence to the courts to determine what to do with these findings,” Noor said in a press release.