WikiLeaks’ Assange says he’ll host talk show

by Greta Kaul

WikiLeaks mastermind Julian Assange promises controversy in a new talk show he’s planning to launch mid-March, the Associated Press reports.

Assange announced late Monday in a press release he would foray into television. His show’s theme?  “The world of tomorrow,” he said. Assange plans to feature and challenge the views of “iconoclasts, visionaries and power insiders.”

But Assange may have hurdles to jump in order to launch the show.  He’s currently fighting extradition to Sweden for sex crime allegations and facing the possibility of charges from U.S. officials.

“Assange has got a good, deep voice and agreeable Aussie accent, but he’s a slow, deliberate talker and not especially televisual,” Ellis Cashmore, a celebrity culture expert, told the Associated Press in an email. “To be true to his image, he would have to make his proposed show subversive; and that might not appeal to many would-be guests.”

It is not clear how the show would be aired or produced.

Assange’s former lawyer, Mark Stephens, spoke to the Minnesota Daily about WikiLeaks in October.