Display worth $6,000 stolen from Coffman

by Benjamin Ganje

An unidentified thief stole a $6,000 display from Coffman Union between 5 and 5:30 p.m. Sept. 16, according to University Police reports.
The display was part of an Institute of Technology fair held at the union earlier that day. Workers packed the display for shipping and left it unattended for a short time.
The police report indicated that when the display packers returned and found it missing, they assumed the delivery company had already moved it from Coffman Union.
The crime was reported to police eight days after the incident. The two individuals that notified authorities about the theft could not be reached for comment.
Coffman Union and Institute of Technology officials were unaware of the incident.
Police are not conducting a further investigation.
In other police news:
ù An unknown suspect stole more than $200 worth of property from the Raptor Center last month.
Jo Anna Poffers discovered the burglary after a three-week break from her job at the Raptor Center. She is a visiting researcher from the Netherlands.
Pat Redig, director of the center, said the stolen items included manuscripts, computer disks and Poffers’ personal belongings. He added that the Raptor Center has very expensive equipment that was left untouched.
The crime was reported after Poffers returned to the University on Sept. 21 and discovered the theft.
University Police reports indicated that the theft happened sometime between Aug. 23 and Sept. 17.
Poffers will be conducting research at the Raptor Center until Nov. 1. Officials at the center would not let her comment on the incident.
“We feel bad,” Redig said. “This creates a bad impression.”
Police do not have any suspects.

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