The Fashionista is in – Fashion Week

Events to hit up during this week of style.

Kara Nesvig

Major âÄúfashionâÄù cities like New York City and Paris have Fashion Week, a crazy period during the spring and fall when designers present their collections to the press. Obviously, youâÄôre not going to spot an Olsen or even Sarah Michelle Gellar at our very own version of Fashion Week, but you might see one of the dudes from Solid Gold or local artist Scott Seekins. Close enough, right? Yes, itâÄôs just about Fashion Week here in the Twin Cities, and though I have a smattering of other news for you, dear readers, I thought it my civic Fashionista duty to spotlight a few of the standout events. Start planning your outfits now. (The full schedule of events can be found at Friday, April 16 âÄî Voltage: Fashion Amplified As longtime Fashionista readers may know, I helped out backstage at Voltage last year, dressing models for Amanda Christine and Calpurnia Peach. ItâÄôs the juggernaut of the Fashion Week events, an all-night celebration of the fusion between fashion and music. IâÄôm not working this year; I decided IâÄôd rather drink Strongbow and watch the show. IâÄôm especially excited to see the work of Director Emma Berg and the conceptual knitwear from Kevin Kramp, as well as hear music from the always-enchanting Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps. IâÄôll be wearing white Amanda Christine, so come say âÄúhi!âÄù Tickets will sell out quickly, so get yours ASAP. (First Avenue, 701 First Ave. N, 8 p.m.) Saturday, April 17 âÄî I Like You Trunk Show/Anniversary Party I Like You, a whimsical little gift shop with a strong local bent, became a part of the Northeast shopping district last year and is celebrating its birthday with a trunk show, which means designers lay out all their merchandise for the coming season. Stock up on locally made giftware or a hula hoop, and donâÄôt forget to grab a card for MotherâÄôs Day. (I Like You, 501 First Ave NE, noon-5 p.m.) Starting on Monday, April 19 through Friday, April 23 âÄî Haircut Happy Hour at Miyagi salon . Full disclosure: I get my hair done at Miyagi. ItâÄôs an Aveda salon and itâÄôs really close to my apartment, and Bethany is the only person I trust to cut my crazy waves. If you too need a trim, then do it during Fashion Week because all Miyagi cuts are only $20. You donâÄôt need an appointment but itâÄôs strongly encouraged; itâÄôs the cool kid of local salons and itâÄôll get crazy busy. (Miyagi Salon, 411 Hennepin Ave. E) Tuesday, April 20 âÄî Laura Fulk: To the Ends of the Universe Avant-garde-meets-punk designer Laura Fulk staged her first solo show, Suffocate, at The Lab Theater last year, and I was fortunate enough to be backstage helping out. Her work is intense and eye-catching, so if you can snag an invite to her A/W 2010 show, donâÄôt hesitate. After all, itâÄôs right on campus. To the Ends of the Universe is the theme for her 32-piece mass-market collection, which you can buy on her Web site after the show. (7:30 p.m., McNamara Alumni Center) A dress-up guide to local fashion events What to wear: Locally-made ensembles are encouraged and appreciated, though not necessary. Check out Cliché or Design Collective , or get in touch with a favorite designer if you want something special to wear out and about. What not to wear: Please donâÄôt wear jeans, heels and a black top. I saw countless versions of this outfit at Envision on Saturday night. Wear color! YouâÄôll stand out, promise. Local store openings New Arbor Lakes designer outlet store MODE , which has roots in Fargo, bills itself as the home of the $40 designer jean. I hear they sell my favorite denim line, Serfontaine, so as soon as I get the itch for a new pair, IâÄôll be headed up toward Maple Grove. My little brother will be thrilled to hear he no longer has to travel to St. PaulâÄôs Selby & Snelling shopping district to get his fix of 10 Deep T-shirts and Nike sneakers. Phenom, a lifestyle boutique with urban tendencies, is adding an Uptown location. I visited the store with aforementioned little brother and even though itâÄôs not my style, found myself coveting a few pieces, including the Crooks & Castles shirt IâÄôm wearing today. ItâÄôll open at 2829 Hennepin Ave. any day now. ThatâÄôs all my news for this week. Check out the A&E Tumblr ( within the next few days for my review of SaturdayâÄôs Envision fashion show.