Dame fine coffee tour

by Micaela Resh

Where to buy your brew in 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.47.04 PM.png

Photo via @bethanyhway

A longtime hobby of mine is exploring local coffee shops. There is something noteworthy about supporting small business owners and knowing exactly where your cup of joe is coming from.

Instagram user @bethanyhway is the mastermind behind the #damnfinecoffeetour showcasing twelve coffeehouses in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

According to her post, she created this calendar for family friends, and showcases one of her favorites each month.

Her thoughtful gift is not only useful, but incorporates beautiful typography. An overall win.

“My goal – get us all out exploring the city and drinking some damn fine coffee,” said @bethanyhway’s post.

Here are the twelve that made her list. How many have you hit already?

  1. Five Watt Coffee

  2. Urban Bean Coffee

  3. Spyhouse Coffee

  4. Dogwood Coffee Co.

  5. Black Coffee

  6. Bull Run Coffee Bar

  7. Peace Coffee

  8. Moose & Sadie’s

  9. Dunn Bros Coffee

  10. Groundswell

  11. Kopplin’s Coffee

  12. Black Sheep Coffee