Less than a week

Jake Grovum

That’s all there is left, less than a week of this marathon presidential campaign that, arguably, started at the conclusion of the mid-term elections in 2006. If you’ve had a pulse or haven’t been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about the proposed swing toward Obama across the country. But this is America, folks. It all comes down to the Electoral College and depending on who you ask, there are a number of scenarios that could play out come Election Day. Currently, CNN has Obama with enough electoral votes (277) with just the states which solidly support and lean toward him. That map is here>. Feel free to dig around for a map that suits you. Hey, why not even post a link in the comments section below so we all can see? Anyway, I think the moral to this story is while no one really knows what’s going to happen, ultimately it’s going to come down to these six “toss-up” states, as identified by CNN, which include Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina. These six add up to 87 electoral votes, definitely enough to swing the election one way or the other. That’s kind of disheartening if you’re a voter in the other 44 states. Kind of makes the billions of dollars spent, two years worth of campaigning, not to mention two huge political conventions seem kind of silly, don’t you think?