“The Mac is back!”

Jake Grovum

In a rousing speech to what appears to be a large crowd in Grand Junction, Colorado, John McCain is rallying his troops so to speak, going so far as saying “the Mac is back!” For transparency’s sake, I’m watching this on CNN.com. Bordering between a call to action and a stump speech, McCain’s speech has hit everything from taxes, pork spending, to energy, prompting yet another round of “drill, baby, drill” from the crowd. In what has to be driving Democrats across the country crazy, Democrat turned Independent turned kind of Democrat Joe Lieberman is standing behind McCain next to the candidate’s wife, Cindy. Addressing the election, McCain is getting riled up here: “I know you’re worried,” McCain said, almost yelling into the mic. “I’m an American, I choose to fight. Don’t give up hope.” “Stand up, stand up and fight! America is worth fighting for!” he continued. “Now let’s go win this election, let’s get this country moving again.” As his speech ended, Here I Go Again by Whitesnake played as the crowd gave McCain a strong send off.