Committee: QSCC still gets no funds

The committee has not yet decided on BSU’s funding request.

by Andrew Johnson

The Student Services Fees Appeals Committee met Tuesday night to finalize its decisions on the remaining two student groups that sought more funding, the Queer Student Cultural Center and the Black Student Union.
QSCC presented in front of the committee last Monday, putting forward a 25 percent penalty from its initial $50,000 request for its lateness in submitting the application. The four voting members who were present at that meeting voted to table the decision until all five were in attendance.
With all five voting members present, the appeals committee voted 3-2 not to give QSCC any funding, since it failed to meet its guideline for submitting the initial request in on time.
QSCC, along with other student groups, still has an opportunity to submit an appeal to Vice Provost for Student Affairs Jerry Rinehart and meet with him April 26 at a public hearing.
The appeals committee had not decided on BSUâÄôs funding since the group had not made their presentation due to group leadersâÄô scheduling conflicts over the past week. BSU was expected to give its presentation Tuesday night but canceled at the last minute since one of its leaders was unable to attend.