Are We Done With Sitting In The Waiting Room?- Dr. Dre officially releases his first “Detox” track

Andrew Penkalski

In 2004, an MTV article announced Dr. Dre’s return to the lab where he would continue with his final work, “Detox.” So six years after a pathetic amount of “Dre says it’s gonna be out this December” discussions and an equally gullible amount of press coverage, Dr. Dre has finally done the hip hop community a solid by giving us his first official Detox track, “Kush,” featuring Akon and Snoop Dogg. 

Everyone will still likely take this release with a grain of salt seeing how that once-excited feeling towards “Detox” has now been replaced with a guard of skepticism. As we all continue to curb our enthusiasm for Detox’s eventual release date, at least we finally have something to show for Dre’s decade in the lab. And rest assured. He’s still Dre.