Man arrested for using a stolen check at local bar

by Thomas Douty

A man was arrested at Dub’s Pub Thursday night for allegedly forging a stolen check.
The 38-year-old suspect allegedly attempted to cash a stolen check at the bar on 14th Avenue in Dinkytown.
He has not yet been charged.
Michael Pritchard, who was bartending at the time of the incident, had an earlier encounter with the suspect. Pritchard said the suspect was acting suspiciously on Jan. 18 during his first attempt to cash a check at the bar.
“He basically took two sips out of his beer and ran out the door,” Pritchard said.
The suspicious behavior led Pritchard to cash the check himself instead of including it in the night’s usual deposits only to learn the account had insufficient funds.
Pritchard called Minneapolis police when the man came back Thursday and tried to cash another check.
He said the man was apprehended without incident and taken into custody by Minneapolis police.

In other police news:
ùA 23-year-old University student was assaulted Jan. 17 at the Large Animal Hospital on the St. Paul Campus.
Ed Kosciolec, an administrator for the veterinary hospital, said he could not comment on the assault because University Police are investigating.
The student was also unwilling to comment.

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