Local Celebrity Twitters

Love Twitter or hate it, these are the best Twin Cities tweets to follow.

From Jeremy Messersmiths Twitter

From Jeremy Messersmith’s Twitter

by Kara Nesvig

When Twitter was developed all the way back in 2006, who would have known that its succinct manner of condensing life and self-promotion into 140 innocent little characters would have become so incredibly popular and incessant? Now, everyone from Larry King to âÄúcrystaalbieberâÄù has the chance to tweet. Followers know when Kim Kardashian is hitting the Miami beach and how John Mayer feels about cosmetic surgery. Movers and shakers in the Twin Cities have taken TwitterâÄôs impact to heart and signed up for accounts of their own, and while some are as funny as Mindy Kaling’s (âÄúThe OfficeâÄù), others are just stabs at self-promotion that read like junky hyperlink streams. A&E’s gathered together a few standouts, from musicians to TV anchors to members of the Doomtree crew. Prince doesnâÄôt tweet (that we know of), but when heâÄôs spotted roaming around the Cities, you can bet Twitter is booming. Check out some standout local Twitters below. Doomtree & Rhymesayers Both Rhymesayers and Doomtree have discovered the colossal marketing power of Twitter and seem to update, @tweet and retweet mercilessly throughout the day, which can fill up your Twitter feed pretty quickly if youâÄôre not constantly checking it on your smartphone. But they’re also tweeting at their fans. Brother Ali (twitter.com/brotheralimpls) in particular uses the social networking site to connect with his listeners and occasionally call out haters. (Example below.) Dessa, (twitter.com/dessadarling) uses her Twitter more like a micro-journal of notes scribbled on Post-its. Jeremy Messersmith Songster Jeremy Messersmith describes himself on his Twitter (twitter.com/jmessersmith) as âÄúmusician, nerd. Not in that order.âÄù But we tend to find the bespectacled troubadour charming and endearing. He uses Twitter to make pithy observations and to boost attendance at his shows. Kings Wine Bar You canâÄôt really call restaurants âÄúcelebrities,âÄù but south Minneapolis hotspot Kings Wine Bar (twitter.com/KingsWineBar) takes tweeting to the next level. Between tweets hyping their flourless chocolate cake or filling followers in on what hip music theyâÄôre playing at the moment, Kings entices us to walk through its doors and order some of their divine tater tots. (Helpful hint: Following restaurants can sometimes get you free food.) R.T. Rybak Speaking of Kings, even the disarmingly hunky Mayor R.T. Rybak (twitter.com/mayorrtrybak) has tweeted from its confines. Perhaps he didnâÄôt tweet âÄú17hrs, 3 conventions, 1 bean feed, 1 dinner, 1 rally, 5 speeches. Now 1 beer. Ready for tomorrow.âÄù from the bar, but we know he was there, thanks to KingsâÄô tweet. RybakâÄôs Twitter details his stops around the state, eating sandwiches in Hibbing along the way, and his pride in the Democratic health care reform victory.