Google releases Google Glass video, contest

by Rebecca Harrington

Google released a YouTube video today showcasing its latest invention, Google Glass. They're like having all of Google's capabilities — from GPS to texting, video chatting and search — in a pair of glasses.

Users simply say "Ok, Glass," and a command to activate what they want. The company is letting people apply to be the first to test out the glasses, according to the product website.

To apply, Google is asking people to send in what they would do with the glasses in 50 words or less. If chosen, they also have to buy the product for $1,500, plus tax, and go to either New York City, San Francisco or Los Angeles to pick them up.

Within a few hours of posting the video, #IfIHadGlass and Google Glass were trending on Twitter, where the company is accepting applications. It is also, of course, accepting applications on Google+.

The glasses come in white, blue, red and black, Mashable reported. Google is accepting applications until Wednesday, Feb. 27.