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Violent crime victim and witness data stolen from laptop, hard drive

Published January 21, 2014

The theft of a University of Minnesota professor’s laptop, portable scanner and external hard drive last February resulted in a data breach of the personal information of 119 victims and witnesses...

Police arrest suspects in November robbery, another student assaulted in Dinkytown

Published January 3, 2014

While an attempted robbery of a student Thursday adds to a list of violent crimes prompting alerts this year, University of Minnesota police announced Friday they arrested several suspects in other crimes. This...

The last two University of Minnesota presidents inherited administrative teams that led the institution in different directions. While former University President Bob Bruininks had little immediate turnover when he took office, President Eric Kaler saw significant changes in his senior leadership team.

The new guard: effects of administrative turnover

Published November 27, 2013

Since Eric Kaler began his presidency at the University of Minnesota in 2011, all but four administrators on his 18-person senior leadership team have left their old posts. It’s an unspoken rule...

Minneapolis street sweeping begins this week around campus

Published October 22, 2013

The City of Minneapolis will begin sweeping streets around the University of Minnesota this week to clear them of fall leaves and debris. Cars parked on the streets scheduled for sweeping will be...

Poster kiosk catches fire outside Vincent Hall Monday night

Published October 22, 2013

One of the pillars covered with posters caught fire on the University of Minnesota east bank campus Monday night.  A University police officer responded to the incident outside of Vincent Hall around...

Days before DFL convention, no front-runner in mayoral race

Published June 11, 2013

BY CODY NELSON [email protected]    Minneapolis DFLers will hold their convention on Saturday, but it's unclear if any of five major candidates will get an endorsement from the party.   Five...

Daily Digest: Protests continue in Turkey, MERS Virus spreads to Italy and WWII veteran U.S. Senator dies

Published June 3, 2013

Here's your Daily Digest for Monday, June 3:    Protests continue in Turkey, PM labels protestors extremists Protests are now in their fourth day in Turkey, where a peaceful demonstration...

Minnesota Senate passes same-sex marriage bill, people react on social media

Published May 13, 2013

[View the story "Minnesota Senate passes same-sex marriage bill" on Storify]

University proactively prevents research misconduct

Published May 9, 2013

  Researchers from the universities of Wisconsin and Washington reportedly falsified data. A social psychologist in the Netherlands fabricated more than 50 scientific articles over the course of his...

University of Minnesota pharmacy professor Gunda Georg will receive the Volwiler Research Achievement Award in July from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

U pharmacy prof ‘unrivaled’ in her field

Published May 7, 2013

  For Gunda Georg, writing scientific papers on a weekend is fun. It’s often the only time she has for that part of her job because the week is full of her other responsibilities. The University...

U students react to MSA’s WTFUMN accounts

Published May 6, 2013

[View the story "U community reacts to MSA's @WTFUMN accounts" on Storify]

University closed data centers instead of upgrading them

Published May 2, 2013

The University of Minnesota’s data centers manage and store everything from grades and financial data to the websites’ servers. Data centers use more than 2 percent of the electricity in the...

Professor Aditya Bhan explains the heat exchange experiment that chemical engineering students learn to do their junior year.

Pushing the limits

Published May 2, 2013

The University of Minnesota’s chemical engineering major is pushing its limits, and many students say the major’s higher demand has increased its difficulty. Although designed to accommodate...

Farmers look to bridge disconnect

Published April 24, 2013

Lauren Servick grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Le Roy, Minn., that her uncles and great-grandfather still run today. Not many of Servick’s cousins or siblings are going back to the farm,...

University creates new program to allay sequester cuts

Published April 22, 2013

  The dust has settled after sweeping budget cuts known as the sequester went into effect last month, and federal agencies have responded with how they’re going to implement them. University...

Black Label Movement dancers rehearse the collaborative piece of Bio Medical professor David Odde and dance professor Carl Flink on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, at People Centers Gym on West Bank. This collaboration will be performed at TEDx Talks, April 21 at Coffman.

Crashing science into dance

Published April 17, 2013

Jessica Ehlert, feet blackened from the rehearsal floor, ran full-speed across the dance studio. She leapt, latching onto another dancer, who caught her and crashed into two others, knocking them around...

Some things never change

Published April 16, 2013

When Mark Koepp started farming in the 1980s, he joined 16,000 other pig farmers in Minnesota. Today, about a quarter are left. Fewer people are staying on the family farm, and the farms are getting bigger....

Study shows rudeness online hurts relationships offline

Published April 12, 2013

A new study found hostility online is increasing, and it's spilling over into life offline.  One in five people said they stopped talking to someone in person after disagreeing online, according...

Microbiology senior and Phi Kappa Sigma president Greg Schuneman paints the nails of Alpha Epsilon Phi graduate advisor Rachel Levine at a MANicure philanthropy event Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at the Hillel. Money raised by the event will be donated to the Sharsheret organization against breast cancer in the Jewish community.

Men give manicures for good cause

Published April 11, 2013

The smell of acetone filled the air as Hillel was transformed into a nail salon Wednesday night. Members of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity painted nails to raise money for Sharsheret, an organization that...

A bench fermentor agitates a sample batch for experiments with bio-energy for a external company on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, at the Biotechnology Resource Center at St. Paul. The University has contracts with outside companies that do not have the necessary facilities or resources.

University centers cash in on outsourcing services

Published April 8, 2013

  From sequencing entire genomes to designing sustainable buildings, the University of Minnesota offers a wealth of resources and services for researchers and industry. With decreased federal research...

Penguin colony benefits from climate change

Published April 4, 2013

While climate change has negatively affected polar bears up north, some penguins down south may actually be benefiting. University of Minnesota research published online Wednesday found an Adélie...

Congress cuts political science research

Published April 2, 2013

  At a time when research funding is hard to come by, political science researchers will find it even harder. The U.S. Congress passed an amendment to the budget bill banning the National Science...

Director of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute Jorge Vinals walks through the massive network of high performance supercomputers Wednesday, March 27, 2013, beneath Walter Library. A recent upgrade increased the amount of storage available to the institutes users.

University supercomputing gets boost

Published March 28, 2013

Tucked away in the basement of the University of Minnesota’s Walter Library, 4,000 square feet of supercomputers flash, performing thousands of computations per second. The Minnesota Supercomputing...

Information technology professor for OIT-Security and Assurance  Ben Allen, right, works to collect flags during the final countdown at the Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, at McNamara Alumni Center.

Officials say University is cybersecure

Published March 13, 2013

  Dozens of hackers filled McNamara Alumni Center, programming past cyber defenses to capture vital information. They weren’t real hackers and it was just a game, but the scenario is based on...

Female chimps more hostile with each other

Published March 11, 2013

Humans may be more like monkeys than they realize. New research from the University of Minnesota published online last month in the American Journal of Primatology shows female chimpanzees gesture more...

AHC review underway for 2012 research retraction

Published March 7, 2013

University of Minnesota research is under review following a rare retraction. Veterinary medicine professor Sagar Goyal published a retraction in December, withdrawing a research article from 2010. The...

MN to stop purchasing products that contain triclosan

Published March 4, 2013

  Gov. Mark Dayton signed an executive order Monday banning state agencies from purchasing products that contain the ingredient triclosan, according to the Associated Press. Commonly used as an antibacterial...

U, other orgs. take on social media, but consumers still run the conversation

Published March 4, 2013

Social media played a large role at the University of Minnesota’s annual legislative briefing at the end of January. Attendees were encouraged to voice their support for the University on social...

Breaking down college budgets

Published February 25, 2013

Interactively explore the financial resources and expenditures of each college. In the last two decades, the share of the University of Minnesota’s budget that comes from the state has dropped by...

Mpls makes recycling easier

Published February 21, 2013

Minneapolis recovered nearly 400 more tons of waste with single-sort recycling than with the old multi-sort recycling system, the city announced Wednesday. The results are from the first six weeks of the...

Google releases Google Glass video, contest

Published February 20, 2013

Google released a YouTube video today showcasing its latest invention, Google Glass. They're like having all of Google's capabilities -- from GPS to texting, video chatting and search -- in a pair...

U excused absence policy back in place Feb. 25

Published February 20, 2013

The University of Minnesota is returning to its usual excused absence policy on Monday, Feb. 25, according to an email sent to faculty and staff on Wednesday. Students will have to show their instructors...

Supreme Court favors Monsanto in oral arguments Tuesday

Published February 20, 2013

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Bowman v. Monsanto Co. today, and the majority seemed to be on Monsanto's side, The New York Times reported. Monsanto argues that subsequent generations...

Evaluating the U’s social media prowess

Published February 19, 2013

Data source: Global Language Monitor, 02/13/2013 sampling of social media accounts When the state Legislature heard the University of Minnesota’s funding request, students and faculty were encouraged...

Agriculture case to affect patents

Published February 13, 2013

  A U.S. Supreme Court decision on agricultural patents could have sweeping effects on copyright law. The case, Vernon Bowman v. Monsanto Co., will begin oral arguments next Tuesday. The Court will...

CSE Dean elected to National Academy of Engineering

Published February 8, 2013

The National Academy of Engineering announced 69 new members for its class of 2013 on Thursday, and the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering Dean Steven Crouch was among them. "This...

U enzyme discovery could lead to breast cancer cure

Published February 7, 2013

A University of Minnesota discovery published Wednesday could lead to a cure for breast cancer. University researchers, led by College of Biological Sciences professor Reuben Harris, discovered an enzyme...

University of Minnesota researcher Greg Brick examines the roof of Miles Cave on Monday, Feb. 4, 2013, beneath Hastings, Minn. Brick has been exploring caves for his research since 2004.

The U’s cave diver

Published February 6, 2013

HASTINGS, Minn. — Greg Brick coughed years of cave dust from his lungs, his breath condensing in the cold winter morning. He crawled as deep into the cave as he could, inching forward on his stomach,...

U research could lead to breast cancer treatment

Published February 6, 2013

  A University of Minnesota discovery published Wednesday could lead to breast cancer treatment. University researchers, led by College of Biological Sciences professor Reuben Harris, discovered an...

U students ‘Imagineer’ their way to the finals

Published February 5, 2013

Walt Disney Imagineers design and build rides, restaurants, experiences and shows for parks, cruise ships and resorts worldwide. University of Minnesota students pretended to be Imagineers in the 22nd...

University $84 million tech upgrade chugs along

Published January 31, 2013

Although it’s been half a year since the University of Minnesota’s $83.5 million technology upgrade began, there’s still a long way to go. Visible changes to University web pages won’t...

Report shows how CLA spends tuition

Published January 30, 2013

University of Minnesota students pay more than $13,500 a year in tuition and fees, but they may not know what happens to that money. The College of Liberal Arts posted a report on its blog last week that...

U sponsoring symposium on the female orgasm

Published January 29, 2013

Guaranteed to have a massive turnout, the Univeristy of Minnesota will host a program exploring female sexuality and the "big O" this April. Sex and relationship educators Marshall Miller and...

Reporter’s notebook: U’s main soaps free of triclosan

Published January 25, 2013

Although they couldn't track down every type of hand soap the Univeristy of Minnesota uses, representatives from Facilities Management shared the three main products the University uses to see if they...

Faculty carry the administrative research burden

Published January 24, 2013

From a researcher’s point of view, the University of Minnesota doesn’t have enough administrators. The University has endured criticism over the last month after a Wall Street Journal article...

U research finds antibacterial ingredient in Minnesota lakes

Published January 23, 2013

A common ingredient used in antibacterial soaps is building up in Minnesota’s lakes. In a study  publicly published Tuesday, University of Minnesota researchers reported that increased use of...

U receives $28 million microelectronics grant

Published January 18, 2013

While today’s computers use semiconductors and electron charge to store memory, the computers of the future could use electron spin. Researchers at the University of Minnesota will investigate how...

‘Citizen scientists’ classify wildlife

Published December 12, 2012

It lays camouflaged deep in the savannah, awaiting some sign of movement so it can capture its prey — in a photograph. Researchers from the University of Minnesota’s Lion Research Center carefully...

‘Fiscal cliff’ could hurt U research

Published December 11, 2012

All Vice President for Research Tim Mulcahy can do is watch, wait and hope for good news. With time running out for Congress and President Barack Obama to reach a compromise before looming automatic tax...

U announces new VP for equity and diversity

Published December 10, 2012

After a two-year vacancy, Katrice Albert will be the new vice president for equity and diversity, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler announced Friday in an email. Currently the vice provost for...

Cummins engineers Shreyasee Kambale, Taya Upkes and Ashika Shrestha listen to one of their employees talk to the Society of Women Engineers on Monday evening at Tate Laboratory.  Cummins is a sponsor of the Society of Women Engineers.

The only woman in the room

Published December 6, 2012

Rachel Levine is torn. In a few years, she’ll receive her doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota and face the same decision as tens of thousands of science, technology,...

Computer science major Austin Grangers latest structure, currently a work in progress, created with KNEX parts Monday at his home in St. Paul, Minn. Granger has worked on this project, as of yet unnamed, for the last three weeks and has already used over 12,000 pieces.

Student combines art, engineering

Published November 28, 2012

Tucked away in a St. Paul home, a cozy 10-by-12 foot bedroom has long been defined by the clicking plastic, whizzing balls and flashing lights that line its walls. Over the past 22 years, it has become...

U student publishes population research

Published November 26, 2012

Fewer than 40 Amur leopards can be found in the wild, making it difficult to use traditional methods to track what has impacted the species over time. University of Minnesota doctoral candidate Sergey...

Rebecca’s Research Roundup: water’s value and improving social networks

Published November 19, 2012

Here's your roundup for the past few weeks of research-related happenings at the University of Minnesota, compiled by the Minnesota Daily science and technology reporter.   U study evaluates water...

Conference highlights robot industry

Published November 19, 2012

  While some perceive them as enemies and others as toys, robots have come a long way since their mainstream debut in 1950s science fiction. Recent developments in robotics were on display at the...

Why is the drinking age 21, and other age-old questions

Published November 15, 2012

The required ages to drive, smoke, drink, rent cars and run for president are all different. Psychology and neuroscience can help explain why. Laurence Steinberg, a leading psychological development expert...

String of thefts reported in dorms

Published November 14, 2012

  University of Minnesota police are looking for two men suspected in a string of residence hall thefts that occurred over the weekend. The three thefts — two in Yudof Hall and one in Comstock...

The changing definition of a bachelor’s degree

Published November 8, 2012

  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign boasts one of the best engineering programs in the Big Ten and even the world. But school officials say it’ll soon change its curriculum to reflect...

Issues with electronic voting machines reported

Published November 6, 2012

After user "centralpavote" posted a YouTube video of an electronic voting machine in Pennsylvania malfunctioning, the topic exploded on Reddit. MSNBC has confirmed that the touchscreen voting...

Google trends predict presidency

Published November 6, 2012

While polling results can be skewed, a new method in reporting the election has emerged: Google analytics. Google Trends measure how many times people search for certain terms, and they have a page entirely...

High voter turnout means long lines in MN

Published November 6, 2012

When the polls opened at 7 a.m. Tuesday, voters were greeted with long lines, the Star Tribune reported. Traditionally, Minnesota has the highest voter turnout rate for presidential elections in the country,...

U to help more when researchers go global

Published November 1, 2012

A University of Minnesota-Duluth graduate student spent eight days in a Brazilian jail in 2009. He had the wrong kind of visa during his research trip. “It’s an example of the type of thing...

Free online courses ‘inevitable’ at the University

Published October 29, 2012

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus offers 415 online courses, but it doesn’t offer massive open online courses, or MOOCs — yet. Karen Hanson, senior vice president for academic...

Rebecca’s research roundup: organic dairy and awe

Published October 25, 2012

Here's your roundup for the (half) week of research-related happenings at the University of Minnesota, compiled by the Minnesota Daily science and technology reporter.   $1.9 million USDA grant...

CSE’s GPA benchmark ‘adds to the stress’

Published October 25, 2012

Sophomore Mark Gilbertson filled out his application to the University of Minnesota’s mechanical engineering major Tuesday. Now he must wait until the semester’s end to find out if he will...

Rebecca’s research roundup

Published October 23, 2012

Here's your roundup for the week of research-related happenings at the University of Minnesota, compiled by the Minnesota Daily science and technology reporter.   $16 million Medicare and Medicaid...

Lecture addresses ‘war on science’

Published October 22, 2012

During the first two presidential debates, candidates sparred over everything from jobs to health care to Big Bird. But Shawn Lawrence Otto, author of “Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science...

NY Times columnist visits U

Published October 17, 2012

 David Pogue, tech reviewer for The New York Times, visited the University of Minnesota Wednesday to give a lecture to a crowd of more than 1,000 people on “disruptive” technology. Before...

U can read ‘’ emails for security, law enforcement

Published October 17, 2012

When a University of Minnesota community member hits the send button on an email, it joins the hundreds of thousands of emails sent from University accounts every day. The University has to maintain the...

Physics junior Hunter Dunbar explains his project to people attending the EduTech Showcase and Forum on Monday. Dunbar and three other students designed the project FireWave, a linear fireplace design that moves in real time to the music playing.

Conference touts technology in education

Published October 9, 2012

The importance of technology in the future of education is clear. But to researchers at the University of Minnesota, it’s more than a necessity: it’s a business. University President Eric Kaler...

Lab technician, Dennis Webster, continues research at Recombinetics lab in Minneapolis. Recombinetics in currently moving research to pigs for studies in cancer.

Scientists, activists discuss modified livestock

Published October 8, 2012

University of Minnesota researchers were part of an international effort that found a cheaper, faster and more specific way to genetically modify livestock. The research technique was published in Nature...

Some departments can’t afford wireless Internet access

Published October 4, 2012

Producing art is not just putting brush to canvas anymore. Professors in University of Minnesota’s Department of Art are teaching in a digital age. But some say their lack of wireless Internet access...

Nat’l loan default rate up to 9.1 percent

Published October 2, 2012

Of the 8,400 University of Minnesota graduates who started paying for their federal student loans in 2010, 2.2 percent of them were unable to pay and defaulted. At the national level, 9.1 percent of the...

How does a U invention become a product?

Published September 27, 2012

University of Minnesota researchers have developed an iPad app that can animate surgical procedures in 3-D in the palm of a user’s hand. It’s just one of the technologies that will be showcased...

University Apple Breeding and Cultivar Development Research Scientist David Bedford samples a fruit Friday at the Horticultural Research Center in Excelsior, Minn.

Tasting 600 apples a day keeps apple breeder busy

Published September 26, 2012

University of Minnesota apple breeder David Bedford didn’t like apples growing up. Back then, the main apple variety on the market was Red Delicious, and he didn’t taste another kind until...

Itasca breaks ground on renovation

Published September 21, 2012

  Though the real construction won’t begin until April, the College of Biological Sciences’ Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories ceremonial groundbreaking is planned for Friday evening. University...

Dairy farmer Dave Buck admires a newborn calf at his dairy farm Saturday in Goodhue, Minn. The calf was born earlier that day.

Congress unlikely to pass 2012 Farm Bill

Published September 19, 2012

Minnesota dairy farmer Dave Buck laughs at the thought of the U.S. Congress passing the 2012 Farm Bill before its looming Sept. 30 deadline. At this time of year, he and other farmers are already making...

Bacteria react to degredate Atrazine at professor Larry Wackett’s lab in Gortner Laboratory on Monday. Originally developed for Atrazine, the bacteria-filled beads are now being used to clean fracking wastewater.

U researchers find way to clean fracking wastewater

Published September 18, 2012

When fracking is complete, the water used can be so contaminated with oil, gas and sediment that it turns black. But University of Minnesota researchers have found a way to clean this water with bacteria,...

Access to super-computers gets competitive

Published September 12, 2012

For thousands of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute users, getting enough time with its five “official” supercomputers is a competitive process. Researchers at the University of Minnesota and...

Gov. Dayton to speak on Minn. political future

Published September 11, 2012

Gov. Mark Dayton will visit the University of Minnesota to speak at an invite-only event Wednesday. The Humphrey School of Public Affairs’ Center for the Study of Politics and Governance is hosting...

U.S. and Canada update Great Lakes environmental pact

Published September 10, 2012

Officials from the U.S. and Canada finally updated the 40-year-old Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, The New York Times reported. The pact's updates include sections to combat pollution and invasive...

Student loan help website gains national attention

Published September 10, 2012

Managing student loans can be downright impossible. Loanlook Inc. debuted a website to help students manage their loans to 200,000 students in early August, according to a news release. Students use the...

Chicago teachers’ strike gives 350,000 students day off

Published September 10, 2012

The Chicago teachers union went on strike Monday morning for the first time in 25 years, CNN reported. Giving around 350,000 students the day off in the nation's third-largest school district, teachers...

CSE’s NOvA lab: first “block” complete

Published September 7, 2012

On the long road to construction, the University of Minnesota's NuMI Off-Axis Neutrino Appearance lab near Tower, Minn. reached another stage of completion yesterday, according to a University press...

U prof leads part of NASA probing mission

Published September 6, 2012

When the sun emits high-energy particles, the earth’s magnetic field catches most of them in the Van Allen Radiation Belts. To try and understand them better, a NASA mission last week launched two...

Doctoral candidate Allison Dzubak runs nuclear magnetic resonance tests at the Nanoporous Materials Genome Center office Friday in Smith Hall. The group recently received a $8.1 million research grant from the Department of Energy.

U receives $13M for 2 campus chemistry centers

Published September 4, 2012

The University of Minnesota is now home to two new centers that could potentially reduce carbon emissions and make solar energy more efficient. The Department of Chemistry received $13.1 million from the...

Flow, an artificial cadaver in the wet lab of the Medical Devices Center, is used by fellows to test medical device prototypes. The Medical Devices Center is moving from Shepherd Laboratories to the renovated building of the former Mayo parking garage.

Medical Device Center plans $2.2M expansion

Published August 8, 2012

The University of Minnesota’s Medical Devices Center has filed 109 invention disclosures since it was established in spring 2008. Since then, researchers have outgrown their current 5,000-square-foot...

US drought continues to plague farmers in western Minnesota

US drought continues to plague farmers in western Minnesota

Published August 8, 2012

Despite the drought covering almost half of Minnesota, Congress left for its August recess Monday before agreeing on a 2012 Farm Bill, which could provide additional drought assistance to farmers. In the...

After 3 years, Itasca lands upgrade funding

Published August 1, 2012

Itasca, Minn. — Visiting the University of Minnesota’s Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories is like stepping back in time. Buildings resemble log cabins. Cellphone reception is spotty....

U Polar Geospatial Center provides Google Street View images of Antarctica

Published July 31, 2012

 Penguins and a handful of researchers used to be the only viewers of Antarctica — until today. Researchers from the University of Minnesota Polar Geospatial Center helped provide Google with...

David Bedford, a University of Minnesota apple-breeding research scientist, samples a Mantet apple that is almost ripe for picking Monday at the Horticultural Research Center near Victoria, Minn. Bedford samples thousands of naturally bred apple varieties every season to determine their potential to be put on the consumer market.

First genetically-modified, non-browning apple spurs debate

Published July 25, 2012

Genetically modified apples can’t be found at a grocery store in the United States, but a Canadian company could change that. Okanagan Specialty Fruits, a company based in British Columbia, has developed...

U scrambles for $83.6M campus-wide tech upgrade

Published July 25, 2012

The computer system that handles everything from student registration to payroll at the University of Minnesota is going to run out of product support in December 2014, leaving University officials rushing...

Fast food on campus — how much is too much?

Published July 18, 2012

University of Minnesota graduate student Ching-Hao Chang misses the food he grew up with in Taiwan. But without the time or available ingredients to cook, and only one local Taiwanese restaurant, he’s...

U professor invents Spider-Man movie equation

Published July 13, 2012

When a movie or TV show has scientific formulas on white and chalk boards in the background, viewers often wonder if they are real. University of Minnesota physics professor Jim Kakalios divulged the mathematical...

Lead researcher and professor Michael Tsapatsis poses Tuesday with the model of the enzyme he has been researching in Amundson Hall. The enzyme can increase the efficiency of chemical reactions, which could reduce costs in fuel, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries.

U helps develop catalyst that may lower gas prices

Published July 11, 2012

Nanosheets — thin layers of silicon the size of a molecule — stacked like a house of cards could be the cure for rising gas prices. The University of Minnesota led an international research...

U scientists help find Higgs boson particle

Published July 11, 2012

An international collaboration that includes 29 University of Minnesota scientists announced the discovery of a new particle last week that could explain unknown aspects of the universe. The Higgs boson,...

U research traces geckos’ evolution

Published July 3, 2012

New University of Minnesota research released last week produced a comprehensive family tree that can be used for future research on geckos — and adhesives. Researchers used DNA sequence data to...

U files response to School of Nursing suit

Published July 3, 2012

The University of Minnesota Office of the General Counsel filed an answer Friday to the complaint by School of Nursing Dean Connie Delaney’s former assistant. In the response, the University denies...

Aerospace engineering and mechanics doctoral candidate Andrei Dorobantu checks the inner hardware of research plane Thor Friday at a hobby field in Anoka, Minn., during experimental flight tests.

U aerospace lab explores civilian uses for drones

Published July 3, 2012

A yellow model airplane called Thor took off into the sky, guided by a pilot with a remote control on the ground. Once it reached a safe trajectory, he flipped a switch and no longer needed to control...

U drone lab explores low-cost alternatives

Published June 29, 2012

Thor, a yellow model airplane took off into the sky, guided by a pilot with a remote control on the ground. Once it reached a safe trajectory, he flipped a switch, and no longer needed to control it. Thor...