Student loan help website gains national attention

by Rebecca Harrington

Managing student loans can be downright impossible.

Loanlook Inc. debuted a website to help students manage their loans to 200,000 students in early August, according to a news release.

Students use the service by typing in their student aid PIN from the Education Department, The New York Times reported. The site uses the National Student Loan Data System's data to display what loans students have, where they are coming from and when payments are due in colorful graphs and charts.

The company plans on releasing a mobile app as well, according to Tech Crunch. For now, Loanlook's services are free.

Balaji Rajan, Loanlook president and CEO, said in a news release that it is about time there is a resource like this. "The only way to fix the problem for students is to give them full information and control over their decisions," he said.