Google trends predict presidency

Rebecca Harrington

While polling results can be skewed, a new method in reporting the election has emerged: Google analytics. Google Trends measure how many times people search for certain terms, and they have a page entirely dedicated to the election.

Republican challenger Mitt Romney had nearly three times the number of searches President Barack Obama had in the five weeks before the election, Forbes reported.

The issue people searched for most was unemployment, according to the National Journal. "Unemployment" made up more than 74 percent of the terms searched in Minnesota, where the unemployment rate is 5.8 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Google's Campaign Explorer breaks down how much time and money each candidate spent by state. Neither candidate spent any money on campaign ads specifically targetted for Minnesota.

But when it comes to fundraising efforts, Obama raised $4.05 million and Romney raised $2.87 million in Minnesota.