Daily Board of Directorshires business manager

Laurie Kemp

The Minnesota Daily Board of Directors has appointed Andrea Cuderman as the paper’s new business manager.
Cuderman, 25, is a senior in the College of Liberal Arts pursuing her bachelor of art’s degree in philosophy. She has worked at the Daily in the sales department for three years and as sales manager since April 1995.
The Daily’s business manager handles the paper’s finances and advertising.
“The Daily needs a leader this year compared to the rough last year,” said Cuderman; referring to the February resignation of 1995-96 Business Manager Amy Rynerson Markus.
The acting business manager, Gregg Johnson, will step down at the end of the year, as is customary at the Daily. Johnson was hired from Accountemps in March when Rynerson Markus quit.
The board believed that hiring from within the Daily late in the year would cause problems for the next year, said Jennifer Grubish, president of the board of directors. By hiring a temporary manager to fill the position, candidates for the position next year would have an equal chance, she added.
Cuderman, who will start her new position June 1, said she wants to work in publications after she graduates from the University. One of Cuderman’s plans for the upcoming year is to bring advertising online for the Daily.
“I’ve been here so long I saw the things that needed to be changed,” she said. “I think I can change them.” Cuderman believes her contacts with clients and all the departments at the paper will help her be an effective business manager.
“The business manager has a very tough road ahead of them this year,” said Bill Huntzicker, an adjunct professor in the journalism department and the Daily’s editorial adviser. “She gave a dynamic presentation and has a solid reputation at the Daily. She has solid experience and I think she should do well.”