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Serving the UMN community since 1900

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Dinkytown, city collaborate to solve parking needs

Published May 24, 1996

Although Dinkytown has been dealing with massive construction and traffic jams since February, area business owners are thinking of the future and a new parking ramp. "We've got businesses thinking about...

Proposed tax deduction would ease college costs

Published May 22, 1996

Families trying to pay for their children's higher education might be able to save a few dollars because of a proposed education tax deduction. Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., introduced an amendment to...

Daily Board of Directorshires business manager

Published May 21, 1996

The Minnesota Daily Board of Directors has appointed Andrea Cuderman as the paper's new business manager. Cuderman, 25, is a senior in the College of Liberal Arts pursuing her bachelor of art's degree...

Spring festival a sunnysuccess

Published May 20, 1996

Despite worries about bad weather, the Dinkytown Spring Festival and the SpringJam had a sunny day to pack in sun-loving college students Saturday. "They couldn't have picked a more gorgeous day," said...

Marcy-Holmes volunteers plant perennial seeds of beautification

Published May 17, 1996

In hopes of beautifying and drawing people into their neighborhood, members of the Marcy-Holmes community, near the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, will be planting a community garden Saturday morning. The...

Woman graduatesafter 49 years

Published May 16, 1996

Thanks to her mother's prodding, Minneapolis native Anita Alexander will graduate from the University this spring -- 49 years after she first enrolled. Now a Chicago resident, Alexander, 66, entered the...

Dinkytown stores ride out road project

Published May 10, 1996

When Dinkytown business owners learned their neighborhood's main thoroughfares would be ripped up in a massive construction project, they worried about loss of customers in the area. But for most, the...

Summer classes with lowenrollment will be axed

Published May 10, 1996

For the past 20 years, the University has guaranteed that classes listed in the summer session course directory will be offered. But a new policy effective this summer will subject classes with low enrollment...

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