Just another fashion column

by Patrick Hicks

While weâÄôre on the subject of fashion columns, IâÄôd like to point out the fact that, like a column devoted to anything else that only caters to people with specific tastes, The Minnesota DailyâÄôs Fashionista column is only going to be read by a small niche of people who care about things like runway shows and designer names. Despite the snarky tone of what I read, my fashion column reference list is quite short, so I donâÄôt know how typical this is. Either way, itâÄôs a clichéd fashion column. How many people do we think actually read it from week to week? Judging from what I observe people wearing every single day, IâÄôd say that even if the entire campus read it, about 1 percent of those people actually take it to heart. In my opinion, this begs the question: With all the offbeat niche topics we could talk about every week, why does fashion get to take center stage in its own column? ShouldnâÄôt a newspaper with the word âÄúDailyâÄù in the title let people incorporate a little more of an everyday life aspect? Every day, when I read the paper, it seems that another new batch of debates crop up, crimes are reported, and Network and Dr. Date have another round of printed happy slap. I donâÄôt believe IâÄôm alone in the thought that something quite a few people read everyday would benefit from more light-hearted, fun pieces, rather than the work of a disapproving, eye-rolling figurehead who has permission to demean us for walking down the street in our choice garb. Lots of people have interesting things to talk about, even if itâÄôs just a story of someoneâÄôs day, a satire on whatâÄôs happening or someone discussing this week in Batman. To sum this up, letâÄôs not limit our options to just another fashion column. Patrick Hicks University undergraduate student