Aurora Center must engage men

by Daily Editorial Board

The University of Minnesota’s Aurora Center recently announced that Jeni Kolb was hired to serve as the Center’s new men’s engagement coordinator. Kolb will implement efforts to reach out to male victims of sexual assault and to expand sexual assault prevention messages to more male populations on campus. 
Kolb is the first person to assume this role at the Aurora Center. In addition to hiring her, the Aurora Center will also launch more masculinity-focused initiatives.
Directing sexual assault prevention outreach toward men is crucial to maintaining a safe campus community and seems especially necessary on the University campus after a “concerning pattern of football player conduct” led officials to investigate reports accusing Minnesota athletes of sexual harassment. 
The Aurora Center plans to target male-dominated populations, such as students in STEM fields or ROTC. We hope it directs the same attention toward athletics as well. 
We also urge the Aurora Center to continue collaborating with University departments and groups. For example, it could continue past discussions about the harms of toxic masculinity within the greek community. 
Finally, in addition to victim support and prevention outreach, we urge the Aurora Center to engage more communities in volunteer recruitment as well. More men working and volunteering at the Aurora Center would send a strong message of gender inclusivity.
In total, we applaud the Aurora Center for prioritizing male relations with and reactions to sexual assault. Other campus organizations should follow its lead.